Response sent: January 2011


How much was paid out in bonuses to your department's staff?
1) Please could you provide a total figure for the department
2) An average bonus figure for the department
3) A breakdown of bonus by salary bands and the number of people within each band
4) Total non-consolidated pay to senior civil servants in the department and how many people fall within this category. As well as a breakdown of these payments; job title, basic salary, bonus paid, type of bonus and financial year.

Please could you provide this information for the following time frames:

  • Financial year 2008/2009
  • Financial year 2009/2010
  • Calendar year 2008/2009
  • Calendar year 2009/2010




As we only pay bonuses at fixed points in the year, the figures for financial years are the same as for calendar years.

1 and 2)

   FY 2008/09  FY 2009/10*
 Total bonus payments   £58,500.17   £99,236.19
 Average payment   £688.24   £1,359.40

* N.B This amount shows the increase in performance related pay in line and agreed as part of The National Archives' pay deal.



   FY 2008/09   FY 2008/09   FY 2009/10  FY 2009/10
  Total amount paid in bonuses  Total number of staff in each band  Total amount paid in bonuses  Total number of staff in each band
Bands A-E
(AA - HEO)
  £37,669.73   449   £58,483.38   417
Band F-H
(SEO - Grade 6)
  £20,830.44  187   £40,752.81   176

We are unable to supply a further breakdown of the figures to specific pay band. This is because some of the pay bands correspond to a small number of individuals, and it could be possible to identify them from other information already published on our website.

Bonus payments are related to the performance review process, and are individual to each person, as it is the indicator of their performance marking. As such this information is considered personal data. Therefore we have determined that the exemption at Section 40 of the Freedom of Information Act would apply.

Section 40 exemption: this section exempts personal information about a 'third party' (that is, someone other than the enquirer), if revealing it would break the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, or if the person that the information relates to would not have a right to know about it or a right of access to it under that Act (because of its exemption provisions). The 1998 Act prevents personal information being released if, for example, it would be unfair or at odds with the reason why it was collected, or where the individual whom the information was about had properly served notice that releasing it would cause major and unnecessary damage or distress.

We have therefore carefully considered how best to present this information in order to balance the legitimate scrutiny a public authority may be subject to when dealing with public money and the individual's rights under the Data Protection Act. Thus to disclose these payments in a more aggregated fashion allows The National Archives to balance the expectations of privacy of the individual with the legitimate interest in the public understanding of how its money is spent.

For further information, please see ICO's analysis with regards to a request for similar information:



Please follow the links to our website below to view the salaries, pension entitlements and any taxable benefits in kind of the chief executive, directors and non-executive directors during 2009-10. The tables are taken from the 2009-10 Annual Report published on 15 July 2010.  Also included below is a link to the 2008-09 Annual Report.