Munich Agreement, 1938 (catalogue reference: FO 93/1/220A)

04 September 2014

14:00 Conference Room A/B

In the years immediately before the Second World War, Hitler's intentions were by no means transparent to British foreign policy makers. This talk focuses on Cabinet and Foreign Office documents, using them to examine British actions and responses to Hitler's policy, from Germany's re-militarisation of the Rhineland in 1936 to the outbreak of war. There will be an opportunity to view some key documents, such as the 1938 Munich Agreement.

Dr Daniel Gilfoyle is a Diplomatic and Colonial Records Specialist at The National Archives, with a particular interest in Colonial Office, Foreign Office and Cabinet records. He has published on the history of science in the colonies, particularly in Africa.

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This event is part of our themed programme. Diplomacy is at the heart of all human interaction. Whether between international states and colonies, monarchs and their ministers, the major players in the theatres of war, kith and kin, or friends and enemies: diplomacy - or lack of it - will play its part. This programme of events aims to reflect the broad spectrum of interpretations of historical diplomacy and the art of peace-making.

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