26 October 2013


Leeds West Indian Centre, Laycock Place, LS7 3JA

Leeds West Indian Centre Charitable Trust, in association with Leeds Museums and Galleries presents Caribbean Photographic Memories 'Picture Show'.

A 'picture show' by Dr Carl Hylton will use Caribbean images from the 1850s to 1950s held by The National Archives and postcard images from 1907 to 1930s Trinidad held by Leeds Museums and Galleries.

Come see, hear, tell, debate and remember historical memories of Caribbean and African life, culture and histories.

For more information, contact Carl on (0113) 262 2270, or email.

A free programme, including a Caribbean buffet and free image postcards!

Further details


The Photographic Memories Project (PMP) was sparked by a set of Caribbean photographic images held by The National Archives. These images range from the 1850s to 1950s and cover social events, landscapes, street scenes and portraits from various islands of the Caribbean. Following meetings and discussions with Sandra Shakespeare (The National Archives) and Antonia Lovelace (Leeds Museum and Galleries), this proposed project was initiated. Our other partner is the Afrikan Curriculum Development Association (ACDA).

Project outline

The Photographic Memories Project will be a 'picture show' projected on to a large screen to audiences who will be encouraged to verbally participate. The show will consists of two main themes linked by memories and historical events sparked by Caribbean photographs from the National Archives' Caribbean through the Lens project and photographic postcards of images from Trinidad during the period 1907 to 1913, held by Leeds Museum and Galleries.

The National Archives' photographic images on Flickr could be updated with the outcome of discussions linked to particular images. This would help to bring images to life by the addition of information of relevance and importance.

Project aims

  • To use historical Caribbean photographic images as a means of sparking collective historical memories of Caribbean life, culture and history
  • To use historical Caribbean photographic images as a means of telling and debating historical events relevant to Caribbean and British histories and cultures
  • To record the outcome of individual and collective memories of the viewers of the photographic images to spark future memories of others and to archive

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