How worried was Britain about invasion 1940-41?

Extract from a report about the German occupation of Jersey, June 29th 1940

Catalogue ref: FO 371/24392

Motor Launch Suzanne

Arrived Dartmouth 26.8.40, 1100 hours, having left ROZEL, Jersey at 2400 hrs. 26.8.40. Owner unknown, but might be a Mr. Poole. Tonnage: 3 tons appx.

LETROURNEUR, Henri Paul, French. Born 25.10.13 at MANTES LA VILLE(Seine et Oise).

COURVAL, Andre Paul Honore Desire. French. Born 22.11.12 at Carteret.

MILET, Clement.French Born 3.9.19 at Carteret.

The following information was given by the above three men:-

They escaped from CARTERET to Jersey on 29th June 1940 in a fishing boat. The Germans began to occupy Jersey the following day, and they thereupon started to plan their escape to England. They discovered that the “Suzanne” lying at Rozel, was relatively poorly guarded by the Germans and they decided to make their escape in her. Parts of the magneto [part of the engine which makes it start] had been removed and there were only 4 gallons of petrol aboard. With assistance of Mr. RICHARDSON, Advocate, of St. Helier, they obtained the necessary parts for the magneto and about 30 gallons of petrol.

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