Stalingrad - Should we give Stalingrad the George Cross?

A letter to the Prime Minister, September 1942

Catalogue ref: FO 371/33035

24th September, 1942.

Roads & Bridges Department,
Salop County Council,
County Buildings,
SHREWSBURY, Shropshire

Dear Mr Churchill,

We wish to refer to the heroic defence of the city of Stalingrad.

We feel sure that every man, woman and child in the British Empire would like to show some appreciation of the wonderful way in which this Russian city has been and is being defended against the huge and barbarous German armies pitted against her. We most humbly beg to suggest that as in the case of Malta, some recognition of the valour of our allies the Russian soldiers, airmen and civilians be made to that city in a similar way whatever the outcome of this gigantic struggle may be.

We are but three shorthand-typists working in a government office but we are confident that you will listen to this, our suggestion, and we do hope and trust that you will give this matter your consideration.

With every good wish for your health and happiness,
We are,
Your obedient servants,

Lorna C Dunn (age 16)
Peggy McFarlane (age 20)
E Joan Donkin (age 23)