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Extract 2

Extracts from a British newsreel called "This in our time" about the history of Liverpool

ITN Ref: BP01013015906
Courtesy of ITN/Source, London.

Often these cargo ships were like sitting ducks for fast German raiders and U-Boats, but still on they came. No fewer than 1285 convoys arrived at Liverpool during the war, the largest consisting of well over 60 ships.

Yet despite the day and night bombing of the port by the Luftwaffe, besides the natural technical problems of coping with so many ships, there was no serious delay in docking.

At one time there were as many as 60 ships, outward and inward bound lying at anchor at the bar.

Another attack beaten off. A rare moment of respite. By the sacrifice of so many of these gallant men, under the command of Admiral Sir Max Horton, the Battle of the Atlantic was won.