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A telegram sent by US President Roosevelt to Prime Minister Churchill, November 1943

Catalogue ref: PREM 3/413/4


Our Office of War Information and Navy Department recommend the following statement, with which I agree:

  1. During the months of August, September and October approximately 60 U-boats were destroyed. This brings to more than 150 the number of U-boats destroyed during the last six months. The record of the last three months is particularly gratifying because during most of this period fewer U-boats were operating. Fewer targets were presented for our air and sea forces.
  2. During August, September and October more U-Boats were destroyed than Allied merchant ships were sunk by U-boat action. The ratio of U-boat to merchant ship attrition during October was more satisfactory than in any previous month. [Words struck out] Our tonnage losses from all causes in October were the lowest of any month of the war.