What should we remember about the 'Forgotten Army'?

Extract from a British newsreel called The Fourteenth’s Victory, July 1945

Catalogue ref: BP190745115914
Courtesy of ITN/Source

Sir Reginald Dorman-Smith, Governor of Burma meets Burmese leaders on board a British warship in Rangoon harbour to discuss Burma's future; epilogue to the 14th Army’s total victory in that country.

It was in Rangoon that men of the 14th celebrated with a victory march their hard fought triumph over the Japs.

Lord Louis Mountbatten, Supreme Allied Commander in South East Asia took the salute. Once the forgotten army, 14th has written its name large in the history of Burma.

The monsoon rain, the old enemy of these jungle campaigners, couldn't even leave their victory parade alone.

Famous regiments of fighters from many nations were among the thousands of troops who took part in the march past. West Africans, Indians and Gurkhas proudly paraded alongside British marines and the men of county battalions.