Second World War (KS2)

Our records cover the entire conflict from Churchill's desk downwards. Read the PM's signed orders and top level diplomacy with Roosevelt and Stalin alongside reports from all theatres of war and every aspect of the situation on the Home Front - from what was shown in the nation's cinemas to recipes for British kitchens.

History by numbers

  • 3900
    Tonnage of bombs dropped on the city of Dresden in February 1945
  • 1,700,000
    Estimated number of Axis and Soviet casualties of the Battle of Stalingrad
  • 1,494,000,000
    Cinema tickets sold in Britain in 1942
  • 31,400,000,000
    Value in dollars of supplies shipped to Britain by the US under the lend-lease agreement
  • 1
    Number of eggs per person per week allowed under wartime rationing