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6a. What sort of work is included in this table?

6b. How much did a 'between maid' earn a week?

6c. What does the number of different job descriptions tell you about the importance of this kind of work?

6d. In the 1901 census, more than 2,000,000 women were listed as working in these sort of jobs. Why do you think so many women did this work when the pay was so low?

6e. 50 years earlier in the 1851 census almost exactly 1,000,000 women were working as servants. Why do you think the number of female servants had risen so much by 1901?

6f. Do you think that this is evidence that women had more opportunities by 1901?

Average wages of female domestic servants according to class of work. Figures collected by the Board of Trade in the 1890s based on actual returns from 2,000 households.

Average wages of female domestic servants