British Union of Fascists

Oswald Mosley (KV 2/892)
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This workshop is based on files from the Home Office and Metropolitan Police Office, recording incidents of anti-Semitic and British Union Fascist (BUF) activity in the East End of London.

The session starts with a ‘warm up’ activity that involves analysis of two different posters – one advertising a BUF rally and one calling for an anti-fascist demonstration. The Education Officer leading the session then goes on to summarise the background to the BUF.

Students are then involved in a discussion about the Olympia rally of 1934 and how it is often seen as the high point of fascist support. Students are given the opportunity to work on a selection of files produced by the Metropolitan Police and Home Office relating to the Olympia rally, before considering how the media portrayed the BUF.

Students then have a chance to examine Metropolitan Police, Home Office and secret service files relating to BUF.

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at The National Archives

2 hours

Available: All year

Cost: Free

Suitability: Key stage 5

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