Price of slavery

Record of enslaved people sold by Messrs James Rogers & Co. of Bristol, undated (C 107/6)

The terms ‘Privilege man’ and ‘Privilege woman’ were used to describe those slaves considered more skilled than labouring slaves; they had superior rank, may have been put in charge of others and were worth more.


Account Sales of 45 Slaves including an Infant at the Breast received by the Schooner [sailing ship with two or more masts, the foremast smaller than the mainmast] Fly James Walker Master from Sierra Leone on Account of Messrs James Rogers & Co. of Bristol, (C 107/6)

June 25John Longlands1Privilege Man68 
2Cargo ditto132200
William Howard1Privilege Woman66
1Stout Girl62
Alexander Walter2Small boys @ £54108
1Very small ditto50
1Small girl54
1Very small ditto50262
Thomas Smith1Boy60
1Small ditto52
1Small girl50220
David Nevin2Boys @ £54108
Robert Peart2Boys @ £58116
John Wight2Women @ £64128
William Laing1Boy62
Thomas McKissock1Boy56
Aaron Little1Man66
William Shaw1Man66
Jonathan James1Man67
Thomas Harvey2Men @ £66132
David Cohen1Woman66
Isaac Stevens1Small girl54
Susannah Fotheringham1Big boy59
Mrs Gregory1Woman & child at the breast70
30John Lutman1Woman56
July 1John Whitaker4Refuse Men @ £40160
July 52Ditto Women80240
John Graham1Small sickly girl30
To commission on £2467 @ £5 percent123.7
To paid Cap: James Walker his privilege of one slave53.5s176:12
To Cap: Thomas Walkers coast Commissions on £2290:82290:8
At £6 p £106129.12.11
To cash paid Importers Duty on 45 slaves at 10s per head
…paid for Sundries for the use of the slaves4.13.3£156,16:2
Net Proceeds£2133:11:1
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