Nelson’s carriage

Print to show the funeral carriage which conveyed Nelson’s body from the Admiralty to St Paul’s, 14 January 1806 (LC 2/40 f.80)







From the ADMIRALTY TO St. Pauls in great Procession on the 9th January, 1806

The Coffin, stripped of its velvet Pall [cloth spread over a coffin] and placed on this funeral Car, is supported upon a Platform covered with black cloth and festooned with Velvet richly fringed, decorated with three Escutcheons [shields or emblems bearing a coat of arms] on each side, between which were inscribed the WORDS of SAN JOSEF and L’ORIENT, on A Crown of Laurels and Palm, and on the opposite Side the Words of TRINIDAD AND BUCENTAUR; the centre Festoon [decorative cloth drape] has the Word TRAFALGAR in Gold and the side ones ornamented with Palm Branches; the Festoons on both Sides are ornamented alike. The Body of the Car is an Imitation of the Hull of the Victory [Nelson’s ship], its Head toward the Horses, is ornamented with the Figure Fames, the Stern carved and painted in the Naval Stile [style], with the Word VICTORY under the Lanthorn [lantern], the Coffin placed on the Quarter Deck, with its Head towards the Stern [rear of a vessel], Pall at the Head of the Coffin and the English Jack pendant [Union Jack flag] over the Poop [top of the stern]. The Canopy is formed from a Sarcophagus, supported by four Palm Trees, covered with black Velvet and richly fringed.

On the Cornice in Front is inscribed Nile; on the right side the Motto Hoste Devicto Requievit [The enemy having been defeated, he rested] behind the word TRAFALGAR; and on the other side the Motto: Palman Qui Meruit Ferat [He who has earned the palm, let him bear it, i.e.achievement should be rewarded] and terminates at the Top with a Viscounts Coronet.

So moves the Corpse upon the trophied Bier [frame for carrying a coffin],

Mourn’d by his King! embalm’d with England’s Tear!

To that fam’d Church that lifts its tow’ring Head—

The future Mansion of the Patriot dead!

The Hero’s Manes there in Peace shall rest,

While his loved Image lives in ev’ry breast.

                                        Vide NELSON’S TOMB, a Poem, by W. T .Fitzgerald, ESQ

Designed and engraved by N. Heideloff, published January 14th 1806, for the proprietor, at R. Ackermann’s Repository of Arts, No. 101, Strand where also is published the Funeral Barge with Figures and Descriptions. 2 shillings, Coloured; the Coffin with Explanations, 2s.6d, Coloured; the Banners and Trophies as carried in the Procession, with Pedigree and Explanations, 2s.6d coloured; the Banner of Emblem large, with Descriptions, 1s 6d, Coloured. A large View of the Ceremonies in St. Pauls, with thousands of Figures will be ready about the middle of February.

Vogel, Printer, 13, Poland Street.

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