Nelson’s barge

Colour print showing the funeral barge that carried Horatio Nelson’s body by river to Whitehall, 1806 (LC 2/40)

It is part of a file that describes the arrangements for Nelson’s state funeral. This event brought thousands of people into the streets of London to honour his memory.


Which brought the Body of the ever to be lamented
From Greenwich to Whitehall Stairs, on the 8th January, 1806, in one of the greatest Aquatic Processions that ever was beheld on the River Thames, Is upwards of one hundred years old and is the same that attended Her present Majesty from the Continent, and is always used by His Majesty on reviewing the Fleets. She brought the late Duke of York up the river, also landed Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, and is designed by Mr. R. Malton, who has been Master of her for many years.
Published as the Acts directs, January 21, at R. Akermann’s Repository of Arts, 101, Strand where also may be had LORD NELSON’S COFFIN, the Funeral Car, and the banners and Trophies as carried in the Procession.

*A vessel for sailing or rowing in shallow waters

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