Letter from Nelson

Letter from Horatio Nelson to Lord Spencer, First Lord of the Admiralty from 1794 to 1801 (FO 57/1 f.151)


Palermo, April 30th 1799

My Dear Lord,

Mr. Green, His Majesty’s late Consul at Nice after 30 years’ service and this war three times losing his household furniture died at Pisa a few days after the entry of the French into Tuscany, leaving a Wife and four children, the eldest not 9 years of age without the smallest provision for them, having nothing to live upon but his pay as Consul in this miserable situation this poor woman and children were thrown on shore in Sicily. Captain Edmonds of the Pallas has very kindly given her passage in the Pallas, having told her tale, its needless for me to say anything to stimulate your Lordship’s goodness in getting her some small pension. I have only to add that her character is that of an excellent wife and good mother.

Believe me, ever my Dear Lord your obliged Nelson

Lord Spencer

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