Going to work

Form that would be completed when a child from the hospital went out to work as an apprentice (CHAR 2/384)


HOSPITAL for the Maintenance and Education of Exposed and Deserted Young Children


Upon being put Apprentice to


on the

Day of                in the Year 18

Who on the                                 Day of

Was                   Years old           Is to serve                                  Master till

Twenty-one Years old.

YOU are placed out Apprentice by the Governors of this Hospital. You were taken into it very young, quite helpless, forsaken, poor, and deserted. Out of Charity have you been fed, clothed, and instructed; which may have wanted.

You have been taught to fear God; to love him, be honest, careful, laborious, and diligent. As you hope for Success in this World, and Happiness in the next, you are to be mindful of what has been taught you. You are to behave honestly, justly, soberly, and carefully, in everything, to everybody, and especially towards your Master and his Family; and to execute all lawful Commands with Industry, Cheerfulness, and good Manners.

You may find many temptations to do wickedly, when you are in the world; but by all means fly from them. Always speak Truth. Though you may have done a wrong thing, you will, by sincere Confession, more easily obtain Forgiveness, than if by an obstinate Lie you make the fault the greater, and thereby deserve a far greater Punishment. Lying is the beginning of every Thing that is bad; and a person used to it is never, esteemed, or trusted.

Be not ashamed that you were bred in this Hospital. Own it: and say, that it was through the good Providence of Almighty God, that you were taken Care of. Bless him for it.

Be constant in your Prayers, and going to Church; avoid Gaming, Swearing, and all evil Discourses. By this means the Blessing of God will follow your honest Labours, and you may be happy; otherwise you will bring upon yourself Misery, Shame, and Want.

N.B.  If within Twelve Months after the expiration of your Apprenticeship you shall produce Testimonials of your good behaviour to the satisfaction of the Committee, we shall receive such pecuniary reward (not exceeding Five Guineas) as they shall think you entitled to.

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