Georgian homes (ii)

An inventory for the possessions of James Butcher at the time of his marriage in 1732 and after his death in 1738 (DEL 8/79 f.19)


An inventory of such Household goods and is as did belong to Mr James Butcher, at the Time of his Marriage to the Widow Edwards in the Year 1732 and likewise of what things have been Bought by them since that time, taken at his late dwelling house at the Sign of the King and Queen in the Fryery, in the Parish of Saint James Westminster and Appraised the twenty-ninth of March 1738 and the following days.

Things that did belong to Mr. Butcher before Marriage

In the Garrets

A Compass stove, a feather bed, and bolster, one small one             )     £     s     d

Ditto (another one) and bolster, five old blankets, and one old rug     )     2    09    0

In the Two Pair [garrets] Backwards [at back of the house]


A Pier glass [tall mirror] in a walnut tree frame, and a book in            )      2     0     00

Folio of the Works of the Bishop of Norwich                                        )

In the Club Room


Two pair of yellow window curtains and rods                                              0      4    00

In the Cellar


A range, cheeks [the masonry on either side of a fireplace opening that   )

supports the mantel and the upper part of the chimney] and fender,         ) 2    4   00

two old porridge potts and covers, two skimmers [cooking ladles], and     )

old coffee pott, a dish kettle, two tin covers, two baskets and a stove      )

compleat, and bellows.

At the Lodge, at White Hall


An old bedstead, part of an old stove, some old window shutters              ) 0     6    00

And six old chairs.


Plait [Plate], two large spoons and one child’s spoon [pewter]                   ) 1    10   11

weight 5 oz 16 at 5 shillings: 4d pence per ounce.

[Total]                          9     18   11


Brought over                                                                                                 9    18   11

Goods purchased since marriage

In the Garrets


A small bedstead, the cotton side of A quilt, three blankets,                        ) 0   19   0

A pewter tea pott                                                                                           )

a pewter tea pot

In the Two Pair [garrets] Backwards [at back of the house]                   3      6     00

A Bedstead, with red half teaster [part canopy for a four poster bed] furniture. And one pair of window curtains ditto compleat, two blankets, part of A cupboard, a mahogany hand tea board, a black walking stick, a lock and key, twelve yards of Toweling which when new cost 3½d a yard and three pair of (middling good) sheets

In the one Pair [garrets] Forwards [at front of the house]                        4     18    0


A stove with brass fender compleat and bellows. A Beaufett fixed [sideboard] a brass lock and key, a marble slab, six matted chairs and a tick [a linen or cotton bag filled with feathers, wool, cotton, or straw] for a bed, bolster and two pillows


In the one Pair [garrets] Backwards [at back of the house]                      0     17     0

A brass plate frame, a pair of brass arms, two window curtains, and rod and two matted chairs

In the Club Room                                                                                       4      3    00


A grate, and iron back fixed, and brass fender, a pair of brass arms, eighteen leather chairs, a sign of the King and Queen, a bedstead. In the closet, a brass lock and key, a cruet stand and a picture over the door, a basket lined with tin.

In the fore [front] Drinking Room                                                                 3     16   8   


Two cain sashes, a leaden pott cistern, two tin warming potts, three pewter Quart potts, three pints ditto, two pewter covers, a close stool pan [chamber-pot], part of the barr fixed, a long table, a form [bench], a basket, a pewter bed pan, and a cullender a [colander or pan with a perforated bottom for straining or rinsing foods] ditto, and two china sugar potts, about four pounds of candles. 1lb ½ of tobacco,

½ a gross of pipes, a dozen wines.


Plait [plate]: A two handled cup, and a tip (cover) for a pint mug waid [weighed]

17 ounces at 5 shillings 4d per ounce                                                      4      10     8

Carried over                                                                                              32     9      3


In the Kitchen

A brass plate frame, a pewter porringer [shallow cup or bowl with a handle for soup or porridge] and cover, four spoons, a hand whip, thirty knives and thirty forks, a brass pale, a plate rack, eight brass candle sticks, a pair of snuffers [a device with a cone on the end of a handle used to put a burning candle] and stand, six iron candle sticks, a dresser and shelves fixed, and a lock and key on the door.


Wairing apparells and linnens [clothing and linen]

A suit of ash coloured cloth cloathes, trimmed with mettle [metal] buttons, and ash coloured coat, and britches [short trousers or breeches], two olive suits of clothes, two old red coats, an old pair of britches, two hats, three perukes (wigs), eleven pair of gloves, two old swords, six pair of stockens [thick stockings], three pair of shoos [shoes] and one pair of boots, a pair of mourning buccles [buckles as a form of jewellery designed to commemorate the death of person] and a pair of silver shooe, and knee buckles [worn with breeches], sixteen shirts course [coarse] and fine [cloth], thirteen stocks [a strip of cloth that was wound around the neck and fastened at the back, in the front it looked something like a pre-tied bowtie] and sixteen turnovers [collars] and a laced cravett [cravat] four pair of weepers [strips of white cloth which were sown onto cuffs], seven pocket handkerchiefs. Four caps and an old table cloth and a pair of silver buttons.

Cash in the House at the time of Mr. Butcher’s Death

£       s        d

In Gold                                 24       3       00    )

In Silver                                  0       5       00    )    £24:  13: 00

In Copper                               0       5       00    )

By forward ommissions                                          £76:     3:  3

£77:     16: 4

  1. Thomas Bond…

These things following were given away (viz) a wainscot beauroe [wooden writing desk, slanted top, with drawers], a chimney glass [glass for a lamp] in a walnut tree frame, and two suits of Black cloth cloathes [clothes]

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