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Extracts from the war service record of Wilfred Owen, a lieutenant in the British Army and a war poet, 1917-18
(Catalogue ref: WO 138/74)
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WO 138/74; service record of Wilfred Owen, 1917-18

How to use this source:

Study this source carefully. It contains information that could be useful in your presentation on life in the trenches. As you study the source, ask yourself:

  • What does this tell you about Wilfred Owen as a soldier?
  • Does this suggest that Owen's approach to soldiering changed in any way between 1917 and 1918?
  • Read the useful notes on this source. In what ways was Owen a typical British soldier and in what ways was he unusual?
  • Which aspects of trench warfare does this source provide information on?
  • How could this source be used in your final presentation?

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