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Rationing in Britain

Description of film

This short animated sequence urges women to repair and reuse their clothes. It suggests that they can still look good even when they use their nightclothes to make other clothes and keep less underwear in the drawer!


During World War 2 clothing was rationed as well as food, fuel and other essential items. Saving and re-using clothing was just as important as recycling scrap metal or saving every last scrap of food.

Interesting or important points about the film

The film is a little racy for the 1940s, with the women in her underwear and the references to cutting down on lingerie. It is also interesting that the film still suggests that it is important that women should still look good. Clearly they are not expected to let themselves go even if they do work in a factory.

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Further information
Sub categoryWorld War Two
FilmRationing in Britain
SourceIWM COI 155
ProducerWorld Wide Pictures, sponsor: Ministry of Information
DateNot known