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Inspecting captured German defences

Description of film

In this short sequence we see Field Marshal Sir Douglas Haig inspecting the wrecked remains of the Hindenburg Line, Germany's strongest line of defences. With him is Colonel Robert S. Bacon, a US officer, and French and British officers as well.


The Hindenburg Line defences had been prepared by the Germans in 1917 and had caused enormous casualties when French and British forces had tried to take them. In 1918, the British Army was finally ready to take on the German defences. It had enough men, equipment and ammunition and it also had the right tactics.

Interesting or important points about the film

Relatively few people are familiar with the last hundred days of WW1 in which the British and their allies drove back and defeated the German army. This clip is an interesting reminder that although Haig certainly made mistakes in 1916-17, he also led his forces to victory in 1918.

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FilmInspecting captured German defences
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