Extract from the war diary of the 1/5th Battalion of the South Staffordshire Regiment, 1915

(Catalogue ref: W0 95/2686)

Instructions regarding War Diaries and Intelligence Summaries are contained in F. S. Regs., Part II.and the Staff Manual respectively. Title pages will be prepared in manuscript. WAR DIARY
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Hour, Date, Place Summary of Events and Information Remarks and references to Appendices
FOUQUIERES 1,2,3, 4/11/15 In Rest Billets FE
  5/11/15 Marched at 8.30 a.m. to PARADIS near MERVILLE and went into billets FE
PARADIS 6,7, 8/11/15 In Billets FE
  9/11/15 Marched at 10.0 a.m. to RIEZ BAILLEUL and went into billets FE
REIZ BAILLEUL 10/11/15 Marched at 3.0 p.m. to the trenches; relieved the 1/1st Gurkha Rifles Line held from BREWERY ROAD S.5. a 10.6. to HILL STREET 4th BATT. LONDON REGIMENT on left; 4th BATT. KINGS LIVERPOOL on right. FE
NEUVE CHAPELLETRENCHES 11/11/15 Enemy very quiet. 1 slightly wounded, remained at duty – 154 Pte. Pedley W. J. FE
  12/11/15 Enemy very quiet. HILL STREET REDOUBT taken over from 1/6th BATT. NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT and fire trench from HILL STREET to OXFORD STREET from 4th BATT. KINGS LIVERPOOL REGIMENT. – 9308 Pte. Stevens, E. – killed. FE
  13, 14/11/15 Enemy very quiet. FE
  15/11/15 Relieved by 1/6th BATT. NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT. Three companies went into Brigade Reserve in LORETTO ROAD and one company into LANSDOWNE POST. FE
LORETTO ROAD 16,17, 18/11/15 Brigade Reserve as on 15/11/15 FE
NEUVE CHAPELLE 19/11/15 Relieved the 1/6th BATT. NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT in the "B" SECTOR trenches at 6.45 pm FE
  20/11/15 Enemy working parties heard knocking in stakes and revetting. Enemy shrapnelled right of SECTOR. – 55. Pte. Clarke, S. W. wounded. FE
  21/11/15 Quiet day. Enemy shrapnelled Fire Support Trenches; slight damage.Officers patrol commanded by 2nd Lietenant S. P. Smith penetrated enemy's work opposite the NEB and found it unoccupied. It had evidently not been occupied recently as it was waterlogged and in bad repair. The G.O.C. commended the officer in charge for the good work of his patrol. 8827 Sgt. Hathin, S. J. slightly wounded.8741 Cpl. Gee, S. slightly wounded. FE
  22/11/15 Very quiet day. Enemy shrapnelled communication trenches.Relieved by 4th BATT. KINGS LIVERPOOL REGIMENT from LIVERPOOL ST to CHURCH ROAD. 1/5th BATT. NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT took over trench SOUTH of LIVERPOOL STREET. FE
LORETTO ROAD 23, 24/11/15 In Brigade Reserve in "C" SUBSECTOR Rest Houses. FE
  25/11/15 Relieved the 1/5th BATT. NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT in "C" SUBSECTOR trenches at 6.40pm. FE
NEUVE CHAPELLE 26/11/15 Quiet day. Enemy placed a considerable amount of H. E. around BREWERY.8646 Pte. Edwards, W. – wounded by shrapnel. FE
  27/11/15 Quiet morning. About mid-day enemy whiz-banged field WEST of BATTALION HEADQUARTERS. At 10.0pm slightly increased activity of hostile machine gun and rifle fire. FE
  28/11/15 Quiet morning. Considerable shelling from 2.0 to 3.30p.m. Centre of SUBSECTOR whiz-bangedheavily on front. MOGGS HOLE shelled with H.E. and party of 1/5th NORTH STAFFS caught of whom 1 man was killed and 1 officer and 1 man wounded. Enemy shells blew in about 12 yards front parapet opposite BREWERY. Relieved in trenches 6.10 p.m. by 1/5th BATT. NORTH STAFFORDSHIRE REGIMENT. 8844 Lt/Cpl. Ginley, C. A. wounded. FE
LORETTO ROAD 29, 30/11/15 In Brigade Reserve in "C" Subsector Rest Houses. 2 men 672 Pte. Gee, S. wounded by shrapnel. 9187 Pte. Harper, L. J. slightly wounded. whilst on working party. Casualties: - Killed 1 Wounded 4 Slightly wounded 4 FE