Transcript: Extracts from the Yalta Protocol - the agreements signed by Britain, the USA and the USSR at the Yalta Conference February 1945

(Catalogue ref: FO 371/50839)

When we met at Yalta, in addition to laying out strategic and tactical plans for the complete and final military victory over Germany, there were other problems of vital political consequence.


[Roosevelt then listed the problems as:

  1. What to do with Germany
  2. The UNO
  3. The countries liberated from the Nazis
  4. Poland and Yugoslavia]


Days were spent in discussing these momentous matters, and we argued freely and frankly across the table. But at the end on every point unanimous agreement was reached. And more important even than the agreement of words, I may say that we achieved a unity of thought and a way of getting along together.


Never before have the major allies been more closely united- not only in their war aims but also in their peace aims. And they are determined to continue to be united, united with each other - and with all peace-loving nations - so that the ideal of lasting peace will become a reality.