Clip 3: Compiling the information.

When we have completed our circuit the results of our investigations shall be taken to the scriptorium at Durham Cathedral. There, under the watchful eye of William of St Calais, Bishop of Durham, the scribes shall compile the final record. With quill pen, ink and parchment they shall set down the record for each of the shires. The King's holdings shall be listed first and then those of the lesser landowners in order of their rank. I think I can say, without any fear of contradiction, that the final document will stand as a testimony to the wisdom, and the strength of His Grace King William. In twenty years he has transformed England from a land of unruly brutes, torn apart by petty feuds, into a kingdom worthy of that name. A land, that is peaceful and civilised, fruitful and prosperous. A land that knows, without any shadow of a doubt, who its ruler is.