Clip 2: Questions, questions, questions!

As you know, it was not so long past that the King sent his men out all over the country to find out how many hides of land there were, who held it and how much tax he could get of us. The men he sent were outsiders, people we didn't know, who didn't even speak our language! They wanted to know all about the manor - how many ploughs there were, how many men, whether we had mills or fisheries, how much land and what the land was worth - first in the time of King Edward, then when William first became King, and then again now! And now it seems that one inquisition is not enough. Now they are sending a second, to test our answers, and denounce wrongdoers to the King. I fear that our land will be troubled with many calamities arising from this, and shameful though it is to say, if every manor be investigated as thoroughly as ours, not even one single hide of land will escape this survey of theirs!