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Focus on Domesday

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How was it made?

Which places are included?

More than 13,000 places are recorded in Domesday Book. Most of them still survive today.

Domesday Book describes almost all of England. However, County Durham and Northumberland do not appear because King William did not fully control these areas.

A few places, which are now in North Wales, are in Great Domesday. Great Domesday also covers the rest of England, except for Essex, Norfolk and Suffolk. These counties are included in Little Domesday.

Some very important towns were surveyed, but the results were never entered into the spaces left for them in Great Domesday. One missing place was Winchester, the capital city of England in 1086. Another missing place was London that was already the richest and largest city in the land.

Map to show the counties that were visited

Map to show the counties that were visited