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Focus on Domesday

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Quiz Tasks
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1. When did King William order the Domesday survey to begin?


2. What was a villein?


3. What language was used to write Domesday Book?


4. How many scribes wrote Great Domesday?


5. Who is not mentioned in Domesday Book?


6. TRE is Latin shorthand which means


7. What two colours of ink were used in Domesday Book?


8. What are the pages of Domesday Book made out of?


9. The total value of the lands recorded in Domesday Book was


10. In the Middle Ages people wrote with


11. King William controlled England in all of the following ways, except by


12. Who became King of England after the death of Edward the Confessor?


13. Where is Domesday Book kept today?


14. Domesday Book . . .