Cartoon by Victor Weisz, Daily Mirror, 26th March 1958

This lesson sequence for Year 9 students was written by Tom Haward from Oriel High School in Crawley.

Overall enquiry question

'You've Never Had It So Good?' How can we 'know' how affluent or poor a society is?

Learning objectives

  • To be able to generate questions to test the validity of a hypothesis
  • To be able to interrogate evidence
  • To be able to show an understanding of what a 'cost of living' index is
  • To be able to make predictions
  • To be able to identify describe patterns in household expenditures and explain them
  • To be able to reach a judgement on the validity of a hypothesis, and show an awareness of issues surrounding the collection of data and the ability to reach substantiated conclusions from it
Image from the collection of the British Cartoon Archive, University of Kent. © Mirrorpix / Trinity Mirror


The teacher's notes, contextual essay and lesson plans for this topic will be available in the near future