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Why did Britain become a republic?

Case study 2: New government - Source 3

Simplified transcript

A poem from May 1649 commenting on the new situation in England

(Catalogue ref: SP 9/246/21)

[This is an explanation of each of the four verses of the poem, not a word for word transcript.]

1 Religious behaviour by rebels? They are not saints but devils, doing murders, sins and evils in the name of God.
2 Do they think God approves democracy? No, they'll find it will soon be removed by monarchy.
3 Their snivelling talk of rebellion from the church pulpit angers our God. It will only lead to God putting young King Charles [son of Charles I] on the throne.
4 Then the rebel leaders will drive on a sledge up Holborn Hill to Tyburn, [where criminals are put to death. The names are:

Tom - who might be Sir Thomas Fairfax, commander of the New Model Army, or one of the two men named Thomas who signed the king's death warrant
Nol - Oliver Cromwell
Henry Ireton - Cromwell's son-in-law
Phil - maybe Colonel Philip Jones
Pryde - Colonel Pride, who led Pride's Purge of Parliament.]