What will tell the police
in Dorset where a thief's going
before he knows himself?
The wide-awake I.C.T. 1900 Series computer

The work is still at the experimental stage and the
computer does not of course give specific predic-
tions. But by recording and analysing all crime
statistics in the area of the Dorset and Bournemouth
Police Authority, it will pinpoint areas where the risk
of crime is highest, and enable police resources to
be allocated accordingly. The computer - the first
to be used in this way by a UK Constabulary - is
also dealing with accident statistics, and will soon
be recording all calls for police help made by
members of the public.
More than 50% of Britain's Local Authorities
with computers use I.C.T. machines - and for all
kinds of work: motorway construction, building
rates, medical records and many others. It's not just
the police that like hot information!
I.C.T. computers
go with success