(MEPO 2/67)

To the Commissionirs of Police

Francis Struty
7th June 1848


Hearing from a variety of
Sources that the Police behaved with
unnecessary violence on Sunday Evening
last and being an unexpected spectator
of one of these affairs of riot I beg
to draw your attention to the following
facts. On Sunday evening I was proceeding
from Bethnal Green towards the Victoria
Park. I saw a tall man who I should judge
by his apparel was an Inspector passing
towards a Church I believe St James's
there were several hundred of persons
opposite throwing stones at the Windows
on the arrival of the officer a shout
was raised and words used such as
down with him so at this time every stone
was directed him - he was repeatedly

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struck - Still he walked steadily and slowly,
indeed in my opinion too slowly to be
considered with discretion - he went into the
church and the attack recommenced at the
Windows. The officer then brought out his
Policemen and called on the mob to disperse
they were saluted with a complete volley
of stones he then said as near as I can
recollect "forward my lads -- Steady"
a most determined opposition to the Police
was made and hard blows were struck
on both sides the police dispersed the
populaces altho inferior in numbers
I am willing to bear testimony to
the coolness exercised by the Police and
especially to the conduct of the officer
and that no more than necessary violence
was used by the police on that occasion
to preserve the public peace

I am Generally
Your Obedient Servant
P. Hare Solicitor.