(MEPO 2/9653 & MEPO 4/6))

Heme Hill


We are all so deeply
interested in the good manage-
ment and efficiency of the
New Police, that I feel myself
reluctantly bound to inform
you of the misconduct of
the Superintendent in this
division of Brixton by being
on duty on Tuesday night
in a state of intoxication.

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Complaint against Police Serjt 7 Alderman


I hope you will excuse my liberty
in writing to you but when you hear the manner
in which I have been treated fuller particulars of
which I am ready & willing to prove I am satis
-fied I shall meet redress at your hands.
On Friday last I was at my house No 15 Sandys
Row Spitalfields, when Serjeant Alderman came
to my house & said to me you have a stolen
copper there pointing to the one I had in front of the
Shop & which I had from a Gentlemans house
as I can prove to you I said you have come to
the wrong shop & I don't care for all the Officers
in London He said you are an impudent

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fellow & because you are impudent I will take
you to the Station House and the Copper too
my Son and Brother who were present were
joking on the way to the Station House when
Alderman said dont you be so jolly I may
have a case yet When we came to the Police
Court Alderman swore that the copper was at
the back of the Shop inferring that it was
being concealed, when I declare by to God & can
prove by numbers of people that the copper
was in the front of the Shop I omitted to
tell you that on the way to the Station
House my Son said you can convince him
where you got it when Alderman said
to me come along I'll learn you to be saucy to
me and it appears to me that was the crime
I was guilty of When we came to the Police
Court after hearing my explanation which
Alderman contemptuously had refused Mr
Bingham said I discharge this case and
turning to Alderman he said I am surprized
at you bringing a respectable man before me
on a charge of stealing a copper And now
Sir as if to add injury to insult I never got
my property returned till April 1st when
I was obliged to go and fetch it I have been
a respectable tradesman for upwards of 40
years. I have brought up a large Family in
credit & respectability without ever having an
accusation of any kind brought against me
I am known to a large class of the 1st Upholsterers
in London & I put it to you as a man & a Gentle-
-man whether taking all the circumstances
together with the insulting behavior of one
of your men whether you do not think I have

been ill treated Waiting your early reply
I have the honour to subscribe myself
Moses Cohen

April 2nd 1846