There will be three departments in the Constabulary
Force, viz. --
The Central - consisting of
1 In-door Superintendent or Commissioner,
assisted by two Clerks,
60 Constables.

The Day and Night Police, or Street Patrol --
formed of
1 Head Constable,
4 Superintendents,
24 Inspectors,
290 Men for the permanent body,
60 Men for the extra or reserved body, and
3 or 4 extra Inspectors.

The Fire Police - having
1 Foreman,
1 Assistant,
40 Police-men, selected from the general esta-

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He is not to call the hour ; and if at any time he
should require immediate assistance, he must use the
signal appointed by the Head Constable for procuring it.
During his tour of duty he must not enter any pri-
vate or public house except in the immediate discharge
of his duty. A breach of this positive order will not
be excused. A Publican is subject to a severe fine if
he allow a Constable on duty to remain in his house.
While on duty he must not smoke ; nor enter into
conversation with any one except on matters relating
to his duty. He must be very cautious not to interfere
idly or unnecessarily ; but when circumstances require
him to act, he must do so with boldness and decision,
and at the same time with coolness and perfect com-
mand of temper.