(HO 44/18 f.37-48 p41, line 1-16)

(underlined as seen in document)

Drunkennes the parent of all other crimes & miseries, the bane
& reproach of England, the grand purveyor for
her prisons & her workhouses! That the love of
drink is exceedingly prevalent & powerful amongst
the manufacturers is obvious to everyone. But
no man who has not been a long & a near ob -
server of them can imagine how great is the
force of the population, or how many victims it
loads to a jail. As the object of this letter is to
account for thr increase of crime, & as a large
portion of that increase should, in my opinion,
be referred to the prevalence of Drunkenness,
it may be proper to state some data which
will vindicate the strong language I have
used & the conclusion which I have drawn.