The ORDINARY of NEWGATE his Account of the Be-
haviour, Confessions, and Dying Speeches of the Malefactors
that were Executed at Tyburn, on Friday the 13th of De-
cember, 1706.

VI. William Dabell, Condemned for breaking open the
House of Mr. Thomas Plastel, both on the 17th and on the
31st of October last. He said he was 18 years of Age, born in
the Parish of St. Andrews Holbourn, and that he had been
well bought up by his Parents, by whose Religious Care
he had receiv'd very good Instruction, and been made ac-
quainted with what a Christian ought both to know and
to practice : But he was tempted and yielded to the
Temptation of the Devil, by whose only instigation it was
that he went about to rob the House of Mr. Plastel ;
which, he said, was the first ill thing of this nature
he ever did. As he as not so old an Offender as the others
were, so he appear'd to be much better than they, diposed
to Repentance. He pray'd very earnestly, and was very
devout ; and shew'd great Sorrow for his Offences against
God and his Neighbour. He begg'd Pardon of both ; and
declared that he dy'd in Charity with all Mankind, and hop'd
to be saved through the alone Merits of his Redeemer.
This Day they were all carry'd in two Carts to Tyburn,
where I discharg'd my Ministerial Office to them for the last
time ; exhorting them further to clear their Consciences,

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and lift up their Hearts to God, I ask'd them whether they
had any thing more to say for the Satisfaction of the World,
the Ease of their own Minds.