(Oxfordshire Records Society, Vol. LVI, 787)

Alan the cook killed Ellis, Maud de Gurnay's doorkeeper, and
fled, so he was exacted and outlawed. Richard Mansel, charged with the
death, fled and is suspected, so he is exacted and outlawed. Brian,
Maud's functionary, Emma her laundress, and Richard her hayward
were guilty of that death and fled, so exacted and outlawed. Alan was
not in tithing but in Maud's household, as were all the others except
Richard the hayward, so she is in mercy. None of them had chattels. The
vill of Mapledurham Gurnay did not present the plea at the county court,
so in mercy. The coroners witness that Jordan de Bideford pledged to
have Richard Mansel before the justices, so in mercy.
Afterwards Richard comes, and he is a clerk and is delivered to [Robert
Grosseteste] bishop of Lincoln. Error.

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Afterwards Ellis came and appeared before the justices, and since the
court established that he is the same man who was presented as killed,
nothing of the whole plea, and all those accused of the death may come
back. The 12 jurors of the vill of Mapledurham Chazey and
Mapledurham Gurnay in mercy for a false presentment
First paragraph crossed out in MS.