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  LK 2/10. Relations between police and public deteriorated badly in the 1980s, particularly in inner cities. Lord Scarman's Report on the Brixton Riot of April 1981 identified one cause of these poor relations as "a widespread and dangerous lack of confidence in the existing system for handling complaints against the police." The new Police Complaints Authority, set up in 1984, was therefore at the heart of the problem of police-public relations. It was an attempt to ensure that grievances were dealt with independently and fairly. These two Case Histories show the results of two different complaints.
  Source 1 is intended to link back to Case-Study 1. For sources 2 & 3, think about the reliability and utility of these two sources. Source 4 has been chosen to show just how far back some of these stories and accusations about the police go. Sources 5 & 6 show how complicated relations between police and public are and how far society has changed.
Worksheet Instructions
  Put some of the evidence you have found in these Sources into your Gallery Worksheet.
   LK 2/10. Case Histories