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  Fifty years after the setting up of the Metropolitan Police there were articles in various journals criticising the police.
(i) HO45/97551, memorandum. This document shows the response of the police to criticisms about police drunkenness which had appeared in Vanity Fair, in January 1879
(ii) HO45/97551, article from Pall Mall Gazette. This source from the Pall Mall Gazette criticises the police for failing to stem rising crime. The document is accompanied by a confidential memo explaining that much of the increase in crime is actually due to differences in the way crimes were recorded.
  In these sources, look for: what complaint, or praise, is being given? How do you think the police behaved? What clues can you find as to how the public felt about the police? How did complaints and attitudes change as time went on?
Worksheet Instructions
  Put some of the evidence you have found from these Sources on to your Gallery Worksheet.
  HO45/97551, memorandum and article from Pall Mall Gazette
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