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  HO73/3, instructions for the Liverpool constabulary. This is an extract from the document setting up the Liverpool Police in 1836 and describing how it will operate. Note that it includes the "Fire Police", later the Fire Brigade. "Calling the hours" was what the old watchmen did; the new police need to be told that they are not doing the same job.
  In these documents from five different parts of England, look for: attitudes towards the Metropolitan Police; attitudes towards the old, local constables; attitudes towards setting up local police on Metropolitan lines.
Source 5: how many police were considered necessary for Liverpool, a port-city of a half a million people? How easy would it be for the new police constables to stick to the rules laid out for them?
Worksheet Instructions
  Put some of the evidence you have found from these Sources on to your Gallery Worksheet.
  HO73/3, instructions for the Liverpool constabulary

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