What were the key turning-points in the history of crime prevention in Britain?

You may want to print out these instructions so you can refer to them as you work.

In this Strand you will find evidence of the changing story of crime prevention in England over 1000 years. This story is split into four Galleries:

In each Gallery you will find several Case-Studies, with sources giving you real evidence of crime prevention systems in different periods.

You will be looking at a millennium of change and continuity: sometimes crime prevention methods changed a great deal, rapidly, sometimes they hardly changed at all for centuries, or only very slowly. Your CHALLENGE is to identify documents which illustrate the key turning-points in this story.

To save you going through all the documents in the strand we have chosen a small collection for you to work with. Your task is to select sources which will illustrate these turning-points to someone who only has fifteen minutes to spare to understand the story.

The turning-points are:

  1. The setting up of JPs in the Middle Ages
  2. The setting up of police forces in the mid-19th century
  3. The modernisation of the police in the 20th century
  4. Evidence of continuity over a long period

For each turning-point, choose no more than 4 documents which illustrate the point you are trying to make. Add a short caption to each document.

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