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Writing Frame help

What is it?

The Writing Frame is an online interactive tool designed to assist 'A' level students to write essays on topics related to cabinet papers. The tool includes primary sources and offers advice on responding to questions. It helps to structure an essay, allowing the user to create their work step by step, incorporating the relevant sources.

How do I use it?

Select the research project most relevant to the topic you are studying.

Using your own knowledge and the available background text, decide how far you agree with the statement given. Use the questions provided to help you form your viewpoint.

Once inside the Writing Frame, use the navigation tools on the right-hand menu and below the statement to open the writing tool and build your essay.

To write your essay:

  • Select relevant sources to study, and develop arguments to support or contradict the statement
  • Rank your evaluated sources based on the relative strengths and weaknesses of the evidence
  • Refine your statement to fit your arguments
  • Write your conclusion

Essays can be saved and re-uploaded to return to at a later date.