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Why was the NHS difficult to manage in 1950s?

Edit statement. Refine the following statement to fit with your arguments. The Conservatives struggled to manage the NHS in the 1950s for one reason alone - cost.
Answer the statement using sources selected for this topic.

Open research project

As you study the cabinet papers and other sources from the 1950s it becomes increasingly clear that the National Health Service (NHS) was successful and popular. It also becomes clear that it was a headache for the Conservative governments that ran Britain in the 1950s and early 1960s.

In this investigation you are going to discover why the NHS was difficult to manage. Plan and structure an essay with an interactive tool using the information you have learned in this section. Cabinet documents and other sources are included in this research project. You can add sources from other authors to expand viewpoints; suggested sites are listed under External links.

Download guidelines for working with primary historical sources: