Raising internal awareness of the service


To encourage Unilever staff at all levels to send their non-current records to the Records Management Centre when they move to a new site.


Some of the staff on a Unilever site were moving to a new location where there would be much less space for physical records storage. 

Stakeholder communication (site workers)

Messages prior to a site visit by the Records Management Service:

  • It is not possible to take all your records to the new site 
  • The Records Management Service can help you prepare for the move and store excess records

Communication methods:

  • advertising to the individual teams of an impending Records Management Service site visit via a site-wide email
  • message booked on to the site-wide screen saver (this medium could be configured for individual Unilever sites)
  • appointment of one staff member from each site to inform people of the approaching visit by the Service 

Message during on site visit of the Records Management Service:

  • Records Management understands the issues you face and here's how to deal with those issues

Communication methods:

  • on site discussion with each team and an information pack
  • 'advice slip' to sent each team  following visit which summarise suggestions for disposals/retention 


The Records Management Service received 200 boxes in the first four months of this targeted approach