Archives for the 21st Century

birmingham-archives-and-heritage-nicola-and-pupils-from-four-dwellings-pageArchives for the 21st Century is the government policy on archives that was published in November 2009.

Archives for the 21st Century (PDF, 1.76MB)

The policy makes five recommendations to support an effective, relevant and sustainable archives sector:

  • develop bigger and better services in partnership – working towards increased sustainability within the sector
  • strengthened leadership and a responsive, skilled workforce
  • coordinated response to the growing challenges of managing digital information so that it is accessible now and remains discoverable in the future
  • comprehensive online access for archive discovery through catalogues and to digitised archive content
  • active participation in cultural and learning partnerships promoting a sense of identity and place within the community

Archives for the 21st Century in action: refreshed

To support the policy, The National Archives has published Archives for the 21st Century in action: refreshed, an updated action plan for archives to replace our existing Archives for the 21st Century in action.

Archives for the 21st Century in Action: refreshed 2012-15. (PDF, 6.74MB)

This action plan reflects the changing context in which the archives sector is operating and sets out The National Archives’ commitment to the archives sector in light of our new leadership role, as well as actions we believe archives should take themselves over the next three years. Archive services can use Archives for the 21st Century in action: refreshed to demonstrate how their activities are aligned with government policy.

The policy and its action plan are the foundation for our leadership work with archives and partners. If you would like to get involved please contact the archives sector development team.

See the 2010 version of the plan (PDF, 1.76MB).