Further help and support

How can Archives Revealed help you?

In addition to providing advice and support towards making an application to either our Cataloguing Grants or Scoping Grants funding strands, we can also assist with advice and guidance for fundraising more generally. This additional support includes access to advice and guidance, e-learning modules on fundraising, workshops, links to fundraising resources, and links to further development support within the Archive Sector Development team at The National Archives.


As part of the HLF funded Fundraising for Archives programme which ran from 2016 to 2017, The National Archives has released a series of online courses so you can undertake fundraising training wherever you are in the UK. Video tutorials and step-by-step guidance introduce you to the topic and guide you through online activities: these will enable you to put your learning into practice and tailor it to your archive service. Find out what training is available and how to get started.


We will be running some workshops on the Archives Revealed programme, which may be useful to attend even if you are not intending to apply. These workshops will provide an overview of the programme, and will cover how to undertake a significance assessment and show evidence of need for cataloguing to take place, which will help you complete a phase 1 application.

See below for information on workshops taking place that might be useful. Some of these will be filmed and the film will be made available on the website as an ongoing resource.

Fundraising resources

You may find the following resources provided by The National Archives useful in your fundraising activities:

Archive development support

The Archives Revealed programme is part of the Archive Sector Development team at The National Archives. The team can provide you with help and advice with a variety of activities and programmes to assist you develop your archive service.

Contact us

We are happy to respond to your questions, provide additional help where we can, and point you in the direction of others who can support you and your archive.

This is a new scheme and we are keen to hear your thoughts on the application process and the information as it is provided on the website.  If you’d like to contact us with any feedback please email archivesrevealed@nationalarchives.gsi.gov.uk