We have developed a range of expertise in managing digital collections. On this page we provide links to various tools, guidance and information to help you manage your digital collections.

Our Digital Continuity Service contains guidance, risk assessment, a catalogue of commercially provided tools and services, training, and a free file profiling tool called DROID. The public sector can use the service to help keep valuable digital information usable over time.

Learn more about our role in storing and preserving digital material in our digital preservation section.

More useful links for managing digital collections

  • Digital preservation FAQs: answers to a number of questions frequently asked about digital preservation from archive services
  • Web archiving guidance: explains what web archiving is and how it can be used to capture information which is published online. It is aimed at people who are new to the concept of web archiving, and those who may have heard about it, but are unsure of potential options and methods available
  • Library of Congress: guidance on how to preserve your own digital materials
  • PRONOM: the online registry of technical information, PRONOM is a resource for anyone requiring impartial and definitive information about the file formats, software products and other technical components required to support long-term access to electronic records and other digital objects of cultural, historical or business value
  • DROID: Digital Record Object Identification is a free software tool developed by The National Archives that will help you to automatically profile a wide range of file formats
  • Labs: The National Archives' test area that involves you in the development of our services by allowing you to try out our new ideas

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