Archive services which meet the eligibility criteria are invited to apply for accredited status by the relevant home nation assessor body.

Any UK archive service wishing to apply for Archive Service Accreditation should submit their application using the online application system. Archive services should ensure that their assessor body is aware that they intend making an application before doing so.

Making an application: using the online application system (PDF, 0.59Mb)

Statement on use of data in online application system (PDF, 0.03Mb)

Archive services should ensure that their assessor body is aware that they intend to make an application before doing so. Assessment of applications for Archive Service Accreditation can take up to three months to complete and applicant should contact their assessor body for details of their assessment timetable, particularly for application to be reviewed at a particular Accreditation Panel.

For specific advice about any aspect of the scheme you should also contact your assessor body.

The National Archives is responsible for coordinating applications from across the UK with home nation assessor bodies.

Training for the scheme will be provided by the Archives and Records Association, Scottish Council on Archives and the Welsh Government.

Applying for accreditation for archives services in England

With over 400 archive services eligible to apply for Archive Service Accreditation, we are planning a phased roll out of the scheme to the sector over the coming four years. We have already invited archive services in England to initially indicate when they would like to apply via a short survey. The survey is now closed but any archive services who are planning to apply for accreditation can still indicate when they hope to do so by contacting us  with their preferred phase.   Phases:
  • October to December 2013
  • January to March 2014
  • April to June 2014
  • July to September 2014
  • October to December 2014
  • January to March 2015
  • April to September 2015
  • October 2015 to March 2016
  • Financial year 2016/2017

Archive services whose circumstances change and subsequently would like to apply in a different group should contact us at:   Archive services elsewhere in the UK will be contacted separately by the relevant home nation assessor body.

Timing your application

Our guidance will help you decide when would be the most appropriate time for your archive service to apply for accreditation.

Although some services will find that they have much of the required evidence already, many services will go through a process of planning and development which may take months, or even years. The Archive Service Accreditation Standard will support a review of the service, identifying its strengths and providing a framework to improve areas of weakness.

The following factors may also influence the timing of an application for accreditation:

  • archive service review
  • archive service move
  • application for museum accreditation
  • application for a planned capital project
  • budget year

Training for applicants in England

The Archives and Records Association is organising five half-day workshops across England from September to December 2013 to support archive services and their staff who wish to apply for accreditation. The workshops provide an introduction to the standard and related guidance, and will include some practical exercises.

Find out more about the workshops and how to book a place on the Archives and Records Association website.

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