Who we are and what we do

The Advisory Panel on Public Sector Information (APPSI) is a non-departmental public body that operates from within the Ministry of Justice. Our role is to:

  • advise Ministers on how to encourage and create opportunities in the information industry for the greater re-use of public sector information
  • advise The National Archives (Office of Public Sector Information) about changes and opportunities in the information industry, so that the licensing of Crown copyright and public sector information is aligned with current and emerging developments
  • review and consider complaints under the Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005 and advise on the impact of the complaints procedures under those Regulations

Organisational structure

The Secretariat of APPSI works within The National Archives. The role of the Secretariat is to provide policy and administrative support to the Panel, undertake research, and maintain the APPSI website. All contact with APPSI should be channelled via the Secretariat. The APPSI Secretariat can be contacted at the following address:

APPSI Secretariat
The National Archives
Surrey TW9 4DU
Tel: 020 8392 5337

Email: secretariat@appsi.gsi.gov.uk

APPSI members' biographies

Members of the Panel are drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds including providers, re-users and consumers of public-sector information, experts from academia and industry, and representatives of producer and consumer groups and the devolved administrations. There are currently 15 APPSI members, including the Chair. Read the biographies of individual APPSI members.

APPSI members' register of interests

A register of interests is provided that details any private interests which might influence APPSI members' judgement in performing their role on the Panel or which could be perceived (by a reasonable member of the public) to do so. This register of interests follows the Code of Practice for Members in the Committee of Standards in Public Life, June 2001.

What are our priorities and how are we doing?

Advice to Ministers and Government

A significant part of APPSI's role is to  provide independent advise to Ministers and government departments on how to encourage and create opportunities in the information industry for greater re-use of public sector information. Papers that APPSI has submitted to Ministers from 2008 onwards, that are not confidential, can be accessed via Papers for Ministers. Papers submitted to Ministers prior to 2008 can be accessed from the UK Government Web Archive. Details of APPSI's meetings with government officials are provided in etiher a summary note of the meeting or within the minutes of APPSI's substantive meetings.  

Responses to consultations

Responses to government consultation are an essential part of APPSI's work. Government consultations enable APPSI to draw on its collective expertise and provide the Government with feedback on proposals for legislative change or other new initiatives, thus informing the Government's decision making process. APPSI's responses to consultations from 2008 can be accessed from Responses to Consultations. APPSI's responses to consultations prior to 2008 can be accessed from the UK Government Web Archive.

Review of Complaints

On completion of a complaints review, the APPSI review board produces a report which is submitted to the parties in question and published on the APPSI website. APPSI has conducted one complaints review so far, which can be accessed from the Complaints review section.

Financial statements and budgets

The expenditure for APPSI for 2013-14 was £6,244. This figure incorporates a £4,000 honorarium allocated for the position of Chair.

The National Archives receives funding through agreement with HM Treasury via the Government Spending Review process, which sets a three-year funding settlement.

  • Expenditure incurred within The National Archives is subject to external audit review conducted annually by The National Audit Office and their audit opinion is reported within The National Archives' Annual Report and Accounts 
  • The post of Secretary to APPSI is the only post that is salaried and is funded by The National Archives at the pay grade E (salary range £25,560-£33,637). This resource is also jointly shared with the Advisory Council on National Records and Archives 
  • Any expenses for procurement will follow internal guidance of The National Archives  
  • APPSI has no contracts that have gone through a tendering process  
  • Expenditure for APPSI is included within The National Archives Annual report and Accounts  
  • All financial policy and procedures set by The National Archives are followed by APPSI

What are our policies and procedures?

Procedures for reviewing complaints

To find out about the Panel's remit for dealing with complaints, how the complaints review board works, and the procedures the review board and the complainant[s] are required to follow, see Procedures for reviewing complaints arising under the Re-use of PSI Regulations 2005.

Policies and procedures for the recruitment and employment of staff

The recruitment of APPSI members is conducted according to the guidelines set out by the Office of the Commission for Public Appointments (OCPA) for making and managing public appointments.

According to OCPA guidelines, vacancies for members of the Panel are advertised on the Public Appointments Vacancies website.

The APPSI Secretariat is a civil service post. This role is dual role with the position of Secretariat for the  Advisory Council on National Records and Archives.  The recruitment of this member of staff is conducted according to the policies and procedures set out by The National Archives, and usually advertised on the Civil Service Recruitment website.

Note that these websites are external websites and APPSI is not responsible for the information that is provided on them.

What service do we offer?

The APPSI website is also an information source for individuals seeking to find up to date developments in the Government's agenda to progress the re-use of public sector information.

What are our charges for publications?

Online: All APPSI publications can be accessed or downloaded free of charge from nationalarchives.gov.uk/appsi/.
Email: Information provided by email is free of charge.

Please see The National Archives terms of use for reference:


Documents downloaded or provided in some other way may be re-used free of charge provided that they are acknowledged as Crown copyright, no substantive changes which change the meaning are made to the content used and the source given whenever possible