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Major accessions to repositories in 2015 relating to Literary History


Bath Record Office

  • Bath Literary Society: records 1944-1993 (0028E)

Birmingham: Archives, Heritage and Photography Service

  • Birmingham Friends Book Society: additional records incl minutes, accounts, membership lists 1949-2012 (MS 2160)

Bristol Archives

  • Elizabeth Anne Organ (fl 1850-1859): volume of poetry and recipes c1850-1859 (45622)
  • Hazel Mary Peel (1930-2013), author: typescript drafts and proofs c1950-1969 (45592)
  • Bristol Portfolio Society (literary and discussion): minutes, programmes, financial papers, typescript histories, constitutions and rules c1920-2009 (36573/17-25)

Cornwall Record Office

  • Joseph Henry Pearce (1856-1938), author: literary manuscripts and papers 1885-1905 (AD2400)

Cumbria Archive and Local Studies Centre, Barrow

  • Norman Nicholson Society, literary association, Millom: records incl minutes, accounts, copy corresp, publications and articles (BDSO 149)

Cumbria Archive and Local Studies Centre, Whitehaven

  • John Gibson (fl 1833-1860), postmaster: autograph albums containing signatures of MPs, poets and others, travel diary, corresp and photographs c1828-1860 (DH/200)

Cumbria Archive Centre, Carlisle

  • John Barker (fl 1918-1996), journalist: additional personal diaries and copies of Independent Community News 1989-2009 (DX 2207)

Devon Archives and Local Studies Service (South West Heritage Trust)

  • Joan Mary Bishop (1918-2008), diarist and writer: additional diaries and papers 1918-2008 (7038M)
  • Albert John Coles (1876-1965), author, playwright, actor and Devon dialect authority: biographical papers 1917-1979 (ZADH)

Doncaster Archives

  • Danum Social and Literary Society, Doncaster: minutes 1882-1983 (DS/137)

Durham County Record Office

  • Virginia Surtees (b1917), author and literary editor: memoirs c1950 (D/X 772)

Essex Record Office

  • Anne Hoffmann (fl 1960-1970), writer: research papers for '"Bocking Deanery: the story of an Essex Peculiar" 1960-1970 (A14151)
  • Raleigh Trevelyan (1781-1865), writer: research papers for "A Hermit Disclosed" 1877-1972 (A14261)

Explore York Libraries & Archives

  • William Camidge (1828-1909), solicitor, Methodist preacher, writer and local historian: research notes and family papers c1751-1947 (CDG)
  • Francis Drake (1696-1771), antiquary: manuscript with annotations 1736 (DRA/2)
  • C B Knight (fl 1952), author: unpublished manuscript rel to history of Clifton 1952 (2015/071)

Gwynedd Archives, Meirionnydd Record Office

  • Morris Jones (1895-1982), known as Morus Cyfannedd, author: personal papers 20th cent (ZM/7340)

Hull History Centre (Hull City Archives)

  • Hull Literary Club: minutes and corresp 1950-2010 (C DSLIT)

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, Record Office for

  • Elizabeth Heyrick (fl 1809-1828), abolitionist: bound volume of printed pamphlets, published anonymously, incl subjects of slavery, animal cruelty, vagrancy and corporal punishment, 1809-1828 (DE9081)

Liverpool Record Office

  • George Garrett (1896-1966), merchant seaman, playwright: personal papers incl play scripts c1920-1939 (ACC 6750)

Nottinghamshire Archives

  • Hugh Browne (1853-1994), solicitor and town councilor: mss lectures and essays 1853-1994 (8758)

Nucleus: The Nuclear and Caithness Archives (Caithness Archives)

  • David Ralston Morrison (1941-2012), poet, painter, editor and librarian: additional papers c1970-2012 (P/404)

Orkney Archive

  • South Ronaldsay Literary Society: records 1884-1917 (AccNo 2113)

Shakespeare Birthplace Trust

  • Leslie Hotson (1897-1992), Shakespearean scholar and writer: corresp received rel to research and publications, and to personal matters c1920-1989 (GL24)

Southwark Local History Library and Archive

  • John Constable (b 1952), poet and dramatist: personal papers incl records rel to Crossbones Burial Ground 1984-2015 (2015/18)

Suffolk Record Office, Bury St Edmunds Branch

  • Thomas Walford (1752-1833), antiquarian, natural historian and botanist: manuscript copy of "History of Clare [Suffolk]" c1809 (HD3306)

Suffolk Record Office, Lowestoft Branch

  • Lowestoft Literary and Scientific Association: rules, accounts and programmes 1967-2000 (2375)

West Yorkshire Archive Service, Kirklees

  • Huddersfield Authors' Circle: minutes and corresp 1985-1989 (WYK1648)

Wigan Archives and Local Studies

  • James Hilton (1900-1954), actor and writer: papers incl screenplays, newspaper cuttings, magazine articles and some copy documents rel to his life 1920-1954 (Acc. 2015/36)

Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre

  • Richard Jefferies (1848-1887), naturalist and novelist: corresp and photographs 1788-1974 (1192A)


British Library, Manuscript Collections

  • Ada Margaret "Biddy" Crozier (1915-2004), actress, teacher and staff director at Sadler's Wells: corresp with poet David Gascoyne c1851-1973 (Add MS 89145)
  • Laurence Mayes (1673-1749), Professor of philosophy and poetry at the English College at Douai: 'Dialectica, sive epitome totius Artis Logicae', dictates on logic delivered by Mayes 1698 (Add MS 89139)
  • Shivadhar Srinivasa Naipaul (1945-1985), writer: records 1945-1985 (Add MS 89154)
  • Universities' Poetry, literary periodical: papers 1959-1965 (Add MS 89147)

Jersey Archive

  • Jersey Ladies Literary Luncheon Club: minutes, corresp and papers 1958-2015 (JA/2700)

National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • Neal Ascherson (b 1932), journalist and historian: notebooks 1957-2013 (Acc.13676)
  • Werner Bienert (1902-1988), teacher and writer: diaries, corresp and literary papers 1903-79 (Acc.13593)
  • Peter Henry Butter (1921-1999), English scholar and critic: research papers rel to Edwin Muir, William Blake and others c1919-99 (Acc.13634)
  • Ronald William Sutherland Frame (b 1953), author and playwright: further literary papers c1960-2014 (Acc.13654)
  • Isobel Wylie Hutchison (1889-1982), botanist, traveller and author: further papers 1896-1962 (Acc.13681)
  • Doug Johnstone (b 1970), author: further literary papers 2011-13 (Acc.13618)
  • Beth Junor (b 1958), peace activist and writer: corresp and papers 1986-2005 (Acc.13660)
  • Alexander Macdonald (1860-1928), Gaelic poet, editor and scholar: albums of corresp and press cuttings c1878-1928 (Acc.13587)
  • Ewan Morrison (b 1967), writer: additional literary papers 2005-12 (Acc.13605)
  • Paul Henderson Scott (b 1920), author and diplomat: additional political and literary papers 1960-2012 (Acc.13666)
  • Lady Mary Florence Elinor Stewart (1916-2014), author: literary papers c1954-97 (Acc.13680)
  • Robert Garioch Sutherland (1909-1981), poet and translator: literary papers 1958-80 (Acc.13677)
  • Mainstream Publishing Co (Edinburgh) Ltd: records c1970-2005 (Acc.13617)
  • Scottish Poetry Library: additional records 1984-2015 (Acc.13626)

National Library of Wales: Department of Collection Services

  • Amabel Williams-Ellis (1894-1984): letters from literary figures, as literary editor of The Spectator c1922-1923 (NLW MS 24077)
  • Arthur Owen Vaughan (1863-1919), Welsh adventurer and author as Owen Rhoscomyl: letters to his sister Ada 1887-1890 (Arthur Owen Vaughan (Owen Rhoscomyl) Papers)
  • Ivor G Wilks (1928-2014), historian: papers, incl research into Welsh working-class movement in the 19th century, and the Welsh Republican Movement incl letters 1952-84 from the poet Harri Webb 1945-2002 (Ivor Wilks Papers)


Bishopsgate Institute

  • David Widgery (1947-1992), socialist writer and physician: personal papers and corresp 1960-1992 (WIDGERY)

Linnean Society of London

  • Paul S F Cornelius (1943-2015), academic: personal corresp and annotated proofs of "Hydroida" c1990-1999

Museum of Science and Industry

  • Greater Manchester Theatre Ltd, publisher: records incl corresp, accounts, papers, publicity and artwork 1989-2005 (2015-2007)
  • Linotype & Machinery Co. Ltd, printsetters, Manchester: photographs of employees taken by Bob Watkins, while training to be a professional photographer (1973-1979) and photographs of Sales Department's annual dinners and reunions (1953-1969) c1953-1979 (2015-2018, 2015-2028)

Royal Asiatic Society

  • Thomas Manning (1772-1840), traveller and botanist: corresp, notebooks on China and Tibet, almanacs, passports and official documents, mathematical theses, poetry, MS of journey to Lhasa 1785-1899 (GB891-TM)

Seven Stories, the Centre for Children's Books

  • Bernard Ashley (b 1935), children's author: manuscripts, corresp and other papers rel to various titles 1974-2010 (BA)
  • Elisabeth Beresford (1926-2010), children's author: papers rel to her career as a writer incl manuscripts, merchandise, corresp, books and emphemera rel to "The Wombles" as well as material rel to the other books she wrote for children, adults and her early career c1950-2010 (EBe)
  • Gillian C Cross (b 1945), children's author: research material for "Where I belong" (published by Oxford University Press in 2010) c2009 (GC)
  • Barbara Firth (1928-2013), illustrator: finished and preliminary artwork for "You can't sleep, Little Bear" c1987 (BF)
  • Michael Andrew Bridge Morpurgo (b 1943), author, poet, playwright, librettist and Children's Laureate: material documenting his writing career incl manuscripts, notebooks rel to "War Horse" and "Private Peaceful" as well as personal papers and corresp 1962-2014 (MMo)
  • Beverley Jill Naidoo (b 1943), children's author and activist: papers rel to her writing career incl manuscripts, corresp, research notes as well as personal and academic papers c1970-2014 (BN)
  • Paul Strickland (b 1957), author, artist and illustrator: artwork for "Dinosaur Roar" (published by Raffed Bears Publishing in 1994) and other titles 1994-2000 (PS)
  • David Fickling Books, children's books publisher: manuscripts, corresp, notes by various authors incl papers of Philip Pullman, Mark Haddon and Jamila Gavin 2001-2013 (DFB)
  • Rough and finished artwork by Alan Lee, Jerry Pinkney and Nina Crews for "Over the Hills and Far Away", nursery rhyme book (published by Frances Lincoln in 2014) 2013 (OHFA)

Working Class Movement Library

  • Mike Harris (fl 1980-2015), playwright: playscripts 2013-2015 (ACC240)

Yorkshire Archaeological and Historical Society

  • Herbert Dewes Pritchett (1849-1945), antiquary and author: pencil drawings and prints early 20th cent (MS1981)


Aberdeen University, Special Collections Centre

  • Colin Maclean (1925-2013), journalist and publisher: papers 19th-20th cent

Brunel University Library

  • Dennis Brutus (1924-2009), poet, human rights activist and sportsman: corresp, draft poems, newspaper cuttings 1961-1992 (DB)
  • Romesh Gunesekera (b 1954), poet: drafts, poetry, ephemera 1992-2002 (ROME)

Cambridge University Library: Department of Archives and Modern Manuscripts

  • Richard Burns (b 1943), poet: corresp and papers 20th-21st cent (MS Add. 10091)
  • Peter Davidson (b 1957), writer and scholar: literary corresp and papers with papers of Jane Stevenson 20th-21st cent (MS Add. 10081)
  • George Gomori (b 1934), poet, translator and literary scholar: further literary corresp c1960-2009 (MS Add. 9716)
  • Thomson William Gunn (1929-2004), poet and critic: poems 20th cent (MS Add. 10105)
  • Frank Humphrey Sinkler Jennings (1907-1950), film-maker, painter and writer: academic and literary papers 1929-1938 (MS Add. 10097)
  • Jeremy Halvard Prynne (b 1936), poet: letters and cards to Ian Friend 1983-2002 (MS Add. 10088)
  • Denise Riley (b 1948), poet: literary corresp and papers 20th-21st cent (MS Add. 10089)
  • John Riley (1937-1978), poet, editor: additional letters and poems c1970-1978 (MS Add. 10038)
  • John Peter Scupham (b 1933), poet: additional literary corresp 1999-2014 (MS Add. 9941)
  • Jane Stevenson (b 1959), writer and scholar: literary corresp and papers, with papers of Peter Davidson 20th-21st cent (MS Add. 10081)
  • George Szirtes (b 1948), poet and translator: literary corresp and papers c1960-2009 (MS Add. 9703)
  • Edward Charles Sackville-West (1901-1965), 5th Baron Sackville, author: papers incl music mss, letters, reviews, with papers of Desmond Shawe-Taylor 1919-1987 (MS Add. 10093)

Cambridge University: King's College Archive Centre

  • Rupert Chawner Brooke (1887-1915), poet: Schroder collection of corresp by and about Brooke, MS poem (1) and Sir Edward Marsh's literary executorship and subsequent literary legacy of Brooke 1899-2000 (RCB/S)
  • Edward Morgan Forster (1879-1970), novelist and critic: MS introduction to his "Collected Short Stories" 1947 (EMF/3/27)

Dundee University Archive, Records Management and Museum Services

  • Anna Macdonald (fl 1960-2014), poet: corresp and papers c1967-2014 (MS 348)

Edinburgh University Library, Special Collections

  • Barry Cambray Bloomfield (1931-2002), librarian and bibliographer: material rel to WH Auden 1920-2000 (Coll-1623)
  • Frederic James Bolton (1908-1993), poet: TS poetry 20th cent (Coll-1621)
  • John Middleton Murry (1889-1957), writer and journal editor: MS of "Love, Freedom and Society" 1955-1957 (Coll-1681)
  • George Frederick Sims (1923-1999), antiquarian bookseller and writer: misc corresp and papers 1938-2000 (Coll-1613)

Hull History Centre (Hull University Archives)

  • Winifred Dawson (1929-2014), librarian: photographs, records rel to Philip Larkin Society, corresp with Philip Larkin 1945-2014 (U DX382; U DX329)

Leeds University Library, Special Collections

  • George Henry Borrow (1803-1881), writer and traveller: translation of manuscript poem c1825 (BC MS 19c Borrow/1)
  • Barbara Taylor Bradford (b 1933), novelist: typescript papers, drafts and proofs rel to "Cavendon Hall Women" 2015 (BC MS 20c Bradford/6)
  • Melvyn Bragg (b 1939), broadcaster, writer and parliamentarian: proofs, manuscript and typescript drafts, corresp 1953-2015 (SPCOLL/2015/95)
  • Geoffrey Kendon Fry (fl 1966-2003), author and academic: research papers, teaching records, journals 1966-2003 (MS 1981)
  • Tony Lynes (1929-2014), writer and social campaigner: minutes, memoranda, corresp, manuscript notes, journals, drafts, ephemera 1923-2001 (MS 1985)
  • John Newton (1725-1807), sailor, Anglican clergyman, hymn-writer and poet: manuscript poem c1795 (BC MS Lt 133)
  • John Rizkalla (b 1935), novelist: drafts, manuscript notes, corresp, diaries 1931-2013 (MS 1977)
  • Jill Sykes (b 1933), author: corresp 1945-1951 (MS 889)
  • Leeds Philosophical and Literary Society: accounts 1836-1911 (SPCOLL/2015/62)

Leicester University Library: Special Collections

  • David Englander (1949-1999), historian: papers rel to Anglo-Jewish Biography c1980-1999 (PR6)
  • Gilbert Oliver Thomas (1891-1978), author and poet: newspaper clippings of scholarly critiques 1912-1968 (PR3)

Liverpool John Moores University

  • Jonathan Malcolm Savage (b 1953), writer, broadcaster and music journalist: collected papers rel to "Teenage: the Prehistory of Youth Culture" 1875-1945

London University: Institute of Education

  • Mike Baker (1957-2012), journalist: records 1984-2011 (DC/14/15)

London University: King's College Archives

  • Maureen Patricia Duffy (b 1933), novelist, poet and playwright: drafts and notes rel to poems, television screenplays and short stories and corresp with the Society of Authors and Writers' Action Group 1945-2013 (Acc 3103)
  • Vicente Soto (1919-2011), novelist and translator: corresp, drafts and notes rel to his life and work as a Spanish writer in exile in London 1945-2001 (Acc 3219)

Manchester University: University of Manchester Library

  • Alfred Bruce Douglas (1870-1945), poet: letters to Norma Reeves, with some associated letters and papers 1938-1944 (ABD)
  • Elaine Feinstein (b 1930), novelist, poet and translator: additional papers incl drafts of her memoirs, and her poetry collection "Portraits" 2011-2014 (EFP)
  • Norman Cornthwaite Nicholson (1914-1987), poet: corresp with Ian Brodie 1980-1985 (IBN)
  • Geoffrey Strachan (b 1935), author and translator: papers rel to his translations of Andrei Makine's novels "Brief Loves that Live Forever" and "A Woman Loved", incl manuscripts, proofs, corresp, reviews and publications 2013-2015 (GSM)
  • Alison Uttley (1884-1976), author: letters (119) to Angela Lloyd 1965-1973 (ACU)
  • University of Manchester Literary Society: minutes 1905-1912 (ULS)

Nottingham University Library, Department of Manuscripts and Special Collections

  • Meriel Buchanan (1886-1959), author: ts short stories in Russian, with English preface, possibly part of an incomplete translation project c1915-1935 (MS 960)
  • David Herbert Lawrence (1885-1930), poet, novelist and essayist: typescript of his work "Pansies", with letter to Charles Lahr 1929 (La)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Special Collections

  • Ralph Baron (1739-1814), clergyman: original manuscript poetry 1810 (11484)
  • Bill Butler (1934-1977), poet and publisher: additional literary papers, financial records, corresp late 20th cent (11602)
  • Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (1832-1898), author and mathematician: corresp to Sarah Hunter rel to daughter Evelyn 19th cent (11517)
  • Maria Edgeworth (1768-1849), novelist and children's writer: correp with Delessert family 1773-1877 (11493)
  • William Gilpin (1724-1804), writer and headmaster: autograph letter sent to publishers Cadell and Davies 1798 (11499)
  • Robin George Collingwood (1889-1943), philosopher and historian: manuscripts of "Principles of History" and "Idea of Nature" submitted to Oxford University Press 20th cent (11470)
  • Unnamed woman, Norfolk (1760-1815): autobiography of unknown woman from the farming class 1760-1815 (11495)
  • Katherine Watson (fl 1932-2008), author: corresp, exercise books 20th cent (11518)
  • Original manuscript prepared for press of "Wiltshire: the topographical collections of John Aubrey, FRS, AD1659-70" edited by Rev Canon John Edward Jackson c1862 (11823)
  • John Goodricke, author and prison of the Tower of London: manuscript copy of "De Rerum Anglicanum Historia" [History of England in Latin] c1650 (11787)
  • John Briggs (d1794), porter of University College, Oxford: manuscript copy of "A tour from Oxford to Newcastle Upon Tyne in the Long Vacation of the Year 1791" with additions by Henry Hilton c1791-1794 (11494)

Oxford University: St Antony's College: Middle East Centre Archive

  • Gerald de Gaury (1897-1984), soldier, Arabist, explorer and diplomat: additional books by de Gaury, some interleaved with notes, with further corresp and papers 1934-1993 (0437)

St Andrews University Library

  • Sarah Brownlee Jean Kirkpatrick (1919-2007), librarian and bibliographer: corresp, research notes, copies of articles, bibliographies 1947-2001 (ms38971)

Sussex University Library Special Collections

  • Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936), author: letters and telegrams, some from Clarrie Kipling, to Mr and Mrs HJ Hunt c1890-1899 (Acc 981)

Swansea University: Richard Burton Archives

  • Brynllyn David Griffiths (b 1933), writer, poet and journalist: personal papers 1939-2005 (2015/28)
  • Sally Roberts Jones (b 1935), poet, librarian, local historian: personal papers 1969-1995 (2015/33)
  • Raymond Henry Williams (1921-1988), historian, critic and novelist: additional papers incl diary, corresp, drafts, photographs and publications 1934-1990 (2015/8)

Trinity College Dublin

  • John Banville (b 1945), novelist, dramatist and journalist: additional papers 21st cent (IE TCD MS 11517)
  • John Moriarty (1938-2007), Irish author, poet and philosopher: literary papers 20th cent (IE TCD MS 11525)
  • Edward O'Reilly (1770-1829), Celtic scholar and lexicographer: alphabetical list of Irish writers whose work in Irish is extant in verse or prose 1815-1825 (IE TCD 11522)
  • Mary Pollard (1922-2005), librarian and bibliographer: professional and personal papers 20th cent (IE TCD MS 11518)

University of Birmingham: Cadbury Research Library: Special Collections

  • Constance Nader (1858-1889), poet and philosopher: notebooks containing poetry and writings (3) 1879 (USS115)

University of Bristol: Theatre Collection

  • Rosemary Davis (1926-2014), actor and writer: programmes, ephemera, photographs, scrapbooks 20th cent (2015/035)
  • Christopher Clifford Harris (1942-2014), actor, writer and director: research notes, photographs, sound and a/v recordings 20th cent (2015/048)
  • Carole Woddis (fl 1960-2015), theatre journalist and critic: programmes, playscripts, research notes 21st cent (2015/034)

University of East Anglia Archives

  • Naomi Alderman (b1974), author and game designer: drafts of novel manuscripts, gaming scripts, notebooks and other papers (NA)
  • Tash Aw (b1971), novelist: notebooks and drafts of manuscripts (TA)
  • Amit Chaudhuri (b1962), author: corresp to publishers, notebooks and papers (AC)
  • Alan Hunter (1922-2005), crime writer: personal papers incl corresp and manuscripts 1938-2005 (AH)
  • Doris May Lessing (1919-2013), author: personal papers and diaries 1944-2013 (DL)
  • Snoo Wilson (1948-2013), playwright, screenwriter and director: papers incl corresp, photographs, printed diaries, plays, film scripts and prose works 1966-2015 (SW)

University of Exeter Library (Special Collections)

  • John Moat (1936-2014), writer and artist: project and committee papers, papers rel to Arvon Foundation 1970-2008 (MS 230, MS410)
  • Henry Williamson (1895-1977), naturalist and author: agent's publicity file incl cuttings, corresp and notes 1947-1984 (MS 436)
  • Henry Williamson (1895-1977), naturalist and author: literary letters (c2,000) from writers, artists and broadcasters incl Siegfried Sassoon and John Masefield 1920-1979 (MS 43 PERS)
  • MS book of poetry, probably by a Thomas Bolitho, reflecting on events and society around him in Cornwall 1820 (MS 437)

University of Reading: Special Collections

  • Samuel Barclay Beckett (1906-1989), author and dramatist: letters and postcards to Aldo Tagliaferri and David Warrilow 1968-1989 (MS 5549 & MS 5555)
  • John Fletcher (fl 1960-2009), literary critic: manuscripts and proofs of his work about and translations of Samuel Beckett's works, incl corresp with publishers and academics c1960-2009 (MS 5547, 5560)
  • John Fletcher (fl 1960-2009), literary critic and translator: additional research notes 20th cent (MS 5560)
  • Donald Landels Henderson (c1905-1947), author and playwright: papers incl corresp, photographs, a typescripts of plays and his autobiography "The Brink" c1938-1947 (MS 5565)
  • Robert Ferns Waller (1913-2005), ecologist and poet: additional papers incl notebooks, letters and draft essays c1930-1999 (MS 5564)

Warwick University: Modern Records Centre

  • Writers' Guild of Great Britain: committee minutes, negotiations and agreements with production companies and publishers, files rel to individual plays and screenplays, scripts submitted for registration 20th-21st cent (1042)