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Major accessions to repositories in 2015 relating to Imperial History


Bristol Archives

  • British Empire and Commonwealth Museum: minutes, accounts, correp 1986-2013 (45005/1)

Cheshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Jim Gosling (1916-1917), Cheshire Yeomanry, Egyptian Expeditionary Force: diaries 1916-1917 (NCY)

Devon Archives and Local Studies Service (South West Heritage Trust)

  • Lewis Mills Burfitt (d 1964), wharf manager in China: diaries kept at Weihsien internment camp, transcripts and photographs 1943-45 (9219)

Dorset History Centre

  • Mansel-Pleydell family of Whatcombe: photographs incl Africa game shoots, Boer War and First World War 1860-1950 (D-MPL)

Herefordshire Archive and Records Centre

  • Marigold Smith (fl 1929-1983), diarist: additional diaries incl rel to Boer War, with photographs c1890-1959 (CW21)

Leicestershire, Leicester and Rutland, Record Office for

  • Elizabeth Heyrick (fl 1809-1828), abolitionist: bound volume of printed pamphlets, published anonymously, incl subjects of slavery, animal cruelty, vagrancy and corporal punishment, 1809-1828 (DE9081)

Liverpool Record Office

  • Great Hunger Commemoration Committee, Irish famine remembrance association: letters, papers and photographs 1994-2011 (363 IRI)

Norfolk Record Office

  • David Reid (fl 1914-1918), soldier: commonplace book rel to service in Canadian forces 1914-1918 (Acc 2015/44)

Portsmouth History Centre

  • Emma Jesse (fl 1870-1900): diary of voyage to Australia on the Nineveh, with transcript 1870-1900 (1706A)

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Archive Service: Stoke-on-Trent City Archives

  • Ken Ray (fl 1990-2010), historian: research papers rel to North Staffordshire soldiers involved in conflicts in the Crimea, India, Egypt and Sudan campaigns, the Battle of Omdurman, Boer War and First World War 20th-21st cent (SD 1710)

West Sussex Record Office

  • Kitchener family, Earls Kitchener: family papers, with material rel to the Tatton-Brown family 19th-20th cent (17902)

Wigan Archives and Local Studies

  • William Carter (d 1918), soldier, 1/5 Manchester Regiment: diary of his time on active service incl in Egypt c1914-1918 (Acc. 2015/28)

Worcestershire Archive and Archaeology Service

  • Spr Walter Henry Haywood (1888-1917), Royal Engineers: diary, letter, photographs 1917 (15865)


British Library: Asian and African Studies

  • Lt Col Richard Watkins Burton (1868-1963), Indian Army: diaries, letters, and photographs, with printed publications 1889-1961 (Mss Eur F694)
  • Capt Edwin Thomas Cook (1910-1943), Aide-de-Camp to Sir Reginald Dorman-Smith, Governor of Burma: diary other papers rel to his time in Burma 1939-1942 (Mss Eur F695)
  • Raban family diaries (fl 1803-1841): diaries and journals of Lt Col William Raban, Lydia Raban, and William Raban 1803-1841 (Mss Eur F697)
  • William Young (fl 1864-1871), soldier with 76th Regiment of Foot, India: memoir of service with the 76th Regiment of Foot, India, incl experiences in Madras, Rangoon and Bangalore, and married life in India, incl three watercolour drawings 1864-1871 (Mss Eur F698)
  • Royal Indian Engineering College: papers of Cooper's Hill Society rel to the Royal Indian Engineering College, Cooper's Hill, and the careers of some of pupils c1871-1965 (Mss Eur F239)

National Army Museum Templer Study Centre

  • Maj Gen Christopher Reginald Buckle (1862-1952): diary covering his service in South Africa and diary written by his wife Elizabeth "Lily" Braithwaite Buckle, also rel to South Africa and misc papers 1900-1902 (2015-03-3)
  • Robert Loveday Inglis (1839-1857), cadet in the Bengal Army: journal and letters, mainly rel to the siege of Lucknow 1857 (2015-04-8)
  • Brig Gen Francis John Pink (1857-1934): letter book, diary, scrapbook, notebook, photographs, drawings, letters, etc 1870-1927 (2015-07-4)


Cambridge University Library: Royal Commonwealth Society Library

  • Lt Gen George Arthur (1784-1854), 1st Baronet Colonial Governor: corresp, accounts, diaries and publications rel to service as Superintendent of British Honduras 1803-1837 (RCMS 270)
  • John Weatherstone (b 1927), historian of tea and coffee industries: artwork, papers and photographs rel to tea and coffee industries of India and Sri Lanka 1830-2008 (RCMS 365)
  • William John Rainy Wright (1911-1985), colonial administrator: memoir of life as a colonial officer in Sierra Leone 1949-1964 (RCMS 376)

Cambridge University: Scott Polar Research Institute

  • Edgar Speyer (1862-1932), 1st Baronet, financier and philanthropist: corresp rel to his involvement in the British Antarctic expedition 1910-13 (Terra Nova), incl the fate of the last letter Captain Scott sent to him 20th cent (MS 2236)

Durham University Library, Special Collections

  • H J R Davies (b1931), geography lecturer at Khartoum and Swansea Universities: personal papers 1955-1960 (SAD)

Glasgow University Archive Services

  • James Finlay & Co Ltd, tea planters, cotton manufacturers and East Indies merchants: corporate records of subsidiary companies 20th cent (UGD 91)

King's College London: Liddell Hart Centre for Military Archives

  • George Francis Taylor (1903-1979), secret service officer and banker: corresp and papers, mainly rel to his service as head of Special Operations Executive operations outside Europe 1943-1945 (Acc 3056)
  • Sir Denis Arthur Hepworth Wright (1911-2005), diplomat: letters, lecture notes and photographs, also a memoir by his wife, Iona detailing diplomatic life in Ethiopia and Iran 1921-2001 (Acc 3025)

London University: Institute of Commonwealth Studies

  • Malcolm Anderson (fl 1950-1969), colonial officer: papers and memoirs of Northern Nigeria incl annual report of Northern Nigerian Survey (1956-1957), staff lists (c1960-1969) and maps (c1950-1979) of North East Nigeria c1950-2008 (ICS179)

London University: School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

  • John Beech (1926-2012), Methodist minister and missionary to West Africa: letters (7) of John Beech and his wife Johanne Beech whilst working in Kumsai, Ghana to his parents in England, rel to personal and family matters, educational missionary work among students, and wider political developments in Ghana (Gold Coast) 1951-1957 (MS 381242)
  • Howard Diamond (fl 1928-1952), Treasurer of the London Missionary Society: diaries incl of the voyage of the mission ship John Williams VI from Grimsby to Suva, Fiji, for the London Missionary Society; visits to New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, India and Pakistan, 1948-1949; and of a visit to Bengal, India, 1951 1948-1951 (MS 381232)
  • Philip Hugh Gulliver (b 1921), anthropologist: papers rel to academic work on the anthropology of East Africa; incl research notes, conference papers and articles on age groups and social structure c1950-1969 (PP MS 87)
  • Anker Rentse (1896-1950), colonial administrator and military intelligence officer: papers incl essays, articles, publications, maps, manuscripts, photographs, on Malay people and culture, particulary rel to the state of Kelantan, and translated copies of corresp with his wife, with some family photographs c1920-2014 (MS 381246)
  • Norman Sargant (1909-1982), Methodist missionary and Bishop of Mysore, South India: personal papers with circular letters, photographs, slides, reports, printed and published material c1930-1983 (MS 381245)
  • Churches of Christ Missionary Committee: papers rel to the mission fields of the British Churches of Christ, with work in India, Thailand and Malawi; incl minute books, corresp, publications, and the papers of four individuals who worked in Malawi (Nyasaland) Ernest Gray, Mary Bannister, Edward Terry and Henry Philpott, secretary to Missionary Committee c1890-1980 (CoC)

Oxford University: Bodleian Library, Special Collections

  • W J Griffith (fl 1950-1995), district officer and author: unpublished manuscript rel to history of Nigeria late 20th cent (11452)
  • Robert Tremlett (fl 1951-1952), agricultural officer: photographs of Uganda 1951-1952 (11300)
  • Patterson mission: corresp rel to mission to Lobengula 1878-1879 (11756)

Oxford University: Griffith Institute

  • Minnie Catherine Burton (1876-1957), wife of archaeologist Harry Burton: diary incl entries about the excavation of the tomb of Tutankhamun by Howard Carter's team, of which her husband was a member 1922-1926

Oxford University: St Antony's College: Middle East Centre Archive

  • Gerald de Gaury (1897-1984), soldier, Arabist, explorer and diplomat: additional books by de Gaury, some interleaved with notes, with further corresp and papers 1934-1993 (0437)
  • Miles Wedderburn Lampson (1880-1964), 1st Baron Killearn, diplomat: copy photograph albums 1933-1942 (0176)
  • William Lancaster (b 1938), anthropologist: papers, with those of Fidelity Lancaster, as anthropologists in the Arabian peninsula 1953-2011 (0609)
  • Maj Hugh J Lockhart (fl 1972-1974): copy films, photographs and oral history interview for Frontier Force project 1972-1973 (0603)
  • Robert Kenneth Melville (b 1918), soldier: oral history interview rel to Middle East service 2013 (0577)
  • David Mitchell (fl 1947-1948), soldier: memoir of Palestine service (0602)
  • Jerusalem and the East Mission: additional corresp, memoranda, reports and printed materials 1856-2015 (0161)