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Major accessions to repositories in 2015 relating to Art


Archifau Ynys Mon / Anglesey Archives

  • Harry Hughes Williams (1892-1953), artist: papers c1895-1953 (WDAAU)

Birmingham: Archives, Heritage and Photography Service

  • Birmingham Art Circle: records (MS 3201)

Bristol Archives

  • Francis Darby (1793-1861), artist: corresp 1856 (41197/6)
  • Artspace Ltd, artists' collective, Bristol: posters 1976-1993 (45338/unlisted2)

Bury Museum and Archives

  • Text Art Archive Collection 2005-2014 (AAC)

City of Westminster Archives Centre

  • Richard Sell (1922-2008), stone lithographer: corresp with members of the Senefelder Club 1967-1975 (2836)

Devon Archives and Local Studies Service (South West Heritage Trust)

  • Sketchbook of Devon scenes and buildings by Edith M Percival 1923-1925 (ZACN)

Dorset History Centre

  • Elizabeth Jean Frink (1930-1993), sculptor: corresp and files rel to exhibitions and publishers 1950-1999 (D-FRK)
  • Poole Pottery Ltd: additional artwork and designs 1930 (D-PPY)

Dudley Archives and Local History Service

  • S G Jennings (fl c1990), artist: papers incl corresp, exhibition materials, photographs, slides and prints, news cuttings and exhibition catalogues 20th cent (Acc 9858)

Durham County Record Office

  • Capt Douglas Yuille Caldwell (fl 1939), Durham Light Infantry: photographs, sketchbook and drawings c1939 (D/DLI)

East Sussex Record Office

  • AG Wells (fl 1957-1966), disabled rush mat weaver, poultry farmer, amateur artist: diaries 1957-1966 (ACC 12397)

Explore York Libraries & Archives

  • William Peckitt (1731-1795), glass painter: papers 1679-1796 (PEC)

Flintshire Record Office

  • Flint and District Art Society: records 1967-2005 (AN4957)

Gloucestershire Archives

  • New Brewery Arts Centre, Cirencester: minutes, photographs and papers incl records of predecessor bodies 1970-1990 (D13793)

Hackney Archives

  • Denis Dunbar Gibbs (1927-2015), physician: photographs and papers, incl photos of Abney Park Cemetery, East End pubs, and large photos of Dr Gibbs' Wildlife in a Hackney Garden exhibition c1980-1989 (2015/05)
  • Art House Foundation: research work for creation of artwork displayed at Hackney Archives 2014 (2015/09)

Henry Moore Institute Archive

  • Garth Evans (b 1934), artist: personal and working papers, sketchbooks, corresp, photographs and negatives, transcripts of interviews, appointment diaries c1950-1989 (2015)

Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Eva Cantin (fl 2005-2015), artist: 'Signs of the Times' fabric book containing stitched names of the participants in the Threads of Time 2 project and photographs of their pieces alongside panels stitched by the artist 2015 (Acc 5739)

Knowsley Archives

  • Robin McGhie (1922-2012), artist, designer and calligrapher: designs, drawings and corresp rel to Prescot area, mainly rel to St Mary the Blessed Virgin, St Agnes Infant School, Huyton, and St Paul's, Prescot, and to involvement in community life 1972-2007 (RMCG)

Lambeth Archives

  • Michael David Trace (1937-2006), photographer: negative series of Lambeth photographic survey c1970-1987 (ARC/2015/13)

Lincolnshire Archives

  • David Pleming (fl 1990-1999), newspaper photographer: photographs and negatives rel to events in Spilsbury c1990-1999 (MISC DON 1893)
  • Lincoln Society of Arts: administrative records incl minutes, annual reports, programme files and publicity material 1949-2015 (LSA)

Manchester Archives and Local Studies

  • Manchester International Arts Festival: posters, programmes, photographs and ephemera 1990s-2009 (GB127.M849)

Norfolk Record Office

  • Edith Mieres Percival (1858-1942), artist: sketchbooks rel to Norfolk 1921-1932 (MC 3172)

North Yorkshire County Record Office

  • Arthur Bell Foster (b 1900), artist: papers and self-portrait 1901-78 (Z.1491)

Nottinghamshire Archives

  • Robin McGhie (1922-2012), artist, designer and calligrapher: drawings rel to altar furniture and ornaments for the Chapel of Mary Ward College, Keyworth 1968 (8766)

Nucleus: The Nuclear and Caithness Archives (Caithness Archives)

  • David Ralston Morrison (1941-2012), poet, painter, editor and librarian: additional papers c1970-2012 (P/404)

Pembrokeshire Archives and Local Studies

  • Edith Ellen Davies (1871-1968), artist: records incl photographs 1878-1964 (HDX/1945)

Peterborough Archives

  • Edith Mieres Percival (1858-1942), artist: sketchbooks 1883-1934 (2015/29)

Sandwell Community History and Archives Service

  • Martin Parr, photographer: "Black Country Stories" art produced for Multistory, Sandwell 2015 (2015/28)

Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Archive Service: Stoke-on-Trent City Archives

  • Frederick Thomas Penson (fl c1860-1905), artist: personal papers 1883-1905 (SD 1719)

Teesside Archives

  • Tees Valley Arts, Middlesbrough: business records, commissions and project documents 1974-2013 (7430)

Tyne and Wear Archives

  • Linda Kay, graphic designer, North Shields: job files, samples, office stationery c2004-2015 (DT.LK)
  • Them Wifies, community arts organisation, Newcastle upon Tyne: records incl annual reports, articles of association and DVDs 1979-2015 (DX1621)

West Sussex Record Office

  • Downland Art Society: records c1990-1999 (17891)

Wigan Archives and Local Studies

  • Robin McGhie (1922-2012), artist, designer and calligrapher: designs rel to buildings in the Wigan area incl Upholland College, Orrell Grammar School, Church of St Joseph, High Moor, Wrightington, Wigan, St Catherine of Siena, Lowton c1950-1989 (Acc. 2015/18)

Wiltshire and Swindon History Centre

  • Roger Leigh (1925-1997), architect and sculptor: photographs, sketches, diaries, photographs and plans 1941-1997 (4311)
  • Herbert Spackman (fl 1877-1891), photographer: photographs 19th-20th cent (4127)
  • Devizes Outdoor Celebratory Arts: corresp, minutes, accounts, contracts, grant applications, ephemera 1999-2011 (2755A)


British Film Institute, Special Collections

  • S John Woods (1915- 1997), advertising director and artist: scrapbooks of articles and press cuttings, corresp, photographs and working papers c1930-1979

Historic England Archive

  • Philippa Lewis (fl 1976-2015), writer, photographer, picture editor and researcher: slides and transparencies rel to architectural details, buildings and gardens throughout England c1980-2015 (EFC01)
  • Cecil Victor Shadbolt (1859-1892), balloon photographer: lantern slide collection mainly of South London, incl aerial views 1882-1892 (CVS01)

Manx National Heritage Library & Archives

  • John Hobson Nicolson (1911-1988), artist: research notes 1980s (MS 13820)

National Gallery Research Centre

  • Neil MacLaren (1909-1988), Assistant Keeper at the National Gallery: research notes and indexes for his Dutch and Spanish catalogues c1929-1988 (NGA36)

National Library of Scotland, Manuscript Collections

  • James Rannie Swinton (1816-1888), portrait painter: personal and family diaries 1838-1939 (Acc.13686)

Tate Gallery Archive

  • Liz-Anne Bawden (1931-2012), teacher, town councillor, museum curator and campaigner: interviews rel to William Coldstream and his contemporaries at the Slade School of Art c1978-1987 (TGA 201511)
  • Evelyn Dunbar (1906-1960), artist, illustrator and teacher: album of Christmas cards designed by the artist and 3 vols of illustrated writings 1940-1959 (TGA 201522)
  • Rose Finn-Kelcey (1945-2014), artist: personal papers c1970-2009 (TGA 201517)
  • Honor Frost (1917-2010), underwater archaeologist, draughtswoman and designer: records rel to Wilfrid Evill's art collection and its subsequent management by Honor Frost c1930-2009 (TGA 20136)
  • Mel Gooding (b 1941), art historian and author: corresp from the artist Justin Knowles with associated printed ephemera and publications c1970-2003 (TGA 201515)
  • Francis Ernest Jackson (1872-1945), artist and painter: sketchbooks (12), illustrated letter, journal account and lecture notes c1895-1935 (TGA 201521)
  • John Jones (1926-2010), artist and teacher: audio recordings of interviews with ninety-eight artists in the USA and fourteen artists in the UK, with associated films, transcripts and documentation 1965-1966 (TGA 201520)
  • Margaret Mellis (1914-2009), artist: personal papers and records of her second husband, Francis Davison c1930-1999 (TGA 20157)
  • Marie-Louise von Motesiczky (1906-1996), artist: records incl papers and corresp (3 items) with the surrealist artist, Wolfgang Paalen c1920-1999 (TGA 20129 and TGA 201523)
  • Eugene Rosenberg (1907-1990), architect: corresp, documentation, artwork and ephemera rel to private collection and artist commissions c1950-1999 (TGA 201516)
  • John Sharkey (fl 1964-1966), artist: corresp with Fred Hunter with associated documentation c1964-1966 (TGA 20154)
  • Rachel Whiteread (b 1963), artist: maquettes or 'try-outs' for the artist's Unilever commission for the Turbine Hall, Tate Modern 2005-2006 (TGA 20151/2)
  • Paul Wood (fl1970-2015), artist and academic: papers rel to 'Art in Theory' publications, the Open University course 'Art of the Twentieth Century', and the circles around Art and Language c1970-2015 (TGA 201510)
  • Lawrence O'Hana Gallery, London: records 2003-2005 (TGA 201519)

V&A Archive of Art and Design

  • Erik Blegvad (1923-2014), illustrator: additional papers 1936-1999 (AAD/2015/10)
  • Louise Olga Mary Lehmann (1912-2001), artist and designer: additional papers c1930-1989 (AAD/2015/2)
  • Printmakers Council: records 1965-2015 (AAD/2015/8)

Wallace Collection

  • Sir John Murray Scott (1847-1912), adviser and secretary to Lady Wallace: papers incl copy of Sir John Murray Scott's will, inventory of 5 Connaught Place, bound transcript of the court case disputing Murray Scott's will and information on items formerly in the collection of Sir Richard Wallace which were inherited by John Murray Scott c1890-1913 (MURR)


Bishopsgate Institute

  • Astra Blaug (1927-2015), artist and feminist: papers, photographs and artworks 1955-2014 (BLAUG)
  • North Paddington Community Darkroom: exhibition panels, photographs, slides and audio tapes 1979-1998 (NPCD)

Black Cultural Archives

  • Brixton Art Gallery: papers, pamphlets and ephemera 1985-2011 (AC2015/46)
  • Community Arts North West: Lisapo-The Congolese Tales Oral History Archive: an oral history project with the Congolese community in Greater Manchester 2014 (AC2015/15)
  • Original chromolithographs (8) of European Black ephemera c1800-1899 (AC2015/57)

Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art

  • Charles S Rhyne (1932-2013), art historian: research material compiled by Rhyne on John Constable incl corresp, unpublished articles, images and annotated published articles c1960-2013 (CSR)

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

  • Eric Lepier & Leslie Caswell (fl 1954), illustrators: plate drawings, commissioned for Shaw's Gynaecological Text Book 1954 (2015/1)

Seven Stories, the Centre for Children's Books

  • Barbara Firth (1928-2013), illustrator: finished and preliminary artwork for "You can't sleep, Little Bear" c1987 (BF)
  • Paul Strickland (b 1957), author, artist and illustrator: artwork for "Dinosaur Roar" (published by Raffed Bears Publishing in 1994) and other titles 1994-2000 (PS)
  • Rough and finished artwork by Alan Lee, Jerry Pinkney and Nina Crews for "Over the Hills and Far Away", nursery rhyme book (published by Frances Lincoln in 2014) 2013 (OHFA)

Wellcome Collection

  • Langley Brown (fl 1980-2008): corresp and papers, including for work with various arts in health projects and organisations c1980-2008 (ARTLAB)
  • Mark White (fl 1960-2000), community based arts and health worker: papers rel to art and health projects in the UK and abroad c1960-2000 (ARTMIW)
  • Artlink West Yorkshire: records 1984-2010 (ARTAWY)
  • Arts for Health: records c1988-2007 (ARTAFH)
  • Healing Arts: Isle of Wight: records c1980-2012 (ARTIOW)
  • Lime Arts: records c1975-2007 (ARTLIM)

York Minster Archives

  • Peter Gibson (fl 1945-2010), stained glass artist: collection of slides of stained glass (2015/8)

Yorkshire Archaeological and Historical Society

  • Herbert Dewes Pritchett (1849-1945), antiquary and author: pencil drawings and prints early 20th cent (MS1981)


Cambridge University Library: Department of Archives and Modern Manuscripts

  • Frank Humphrey Sinkler Jennings (1907-1950), film-maker, painter and writer: academic and literary papers 1929-1938 (MS Add. 10097)
  • Raymond Lister (1919-2001), artist and art historian: diaries and notebooks 1954-2001 (MS Add. 10106)

Dundee University Archive, Records Management and Museum Services

  • EMBRYO-Dundee Textile Artists: additional records 1989-1999 (Acc 2015/702)

Heritage Quay - University of Huddersfield Archives

  • Albert Booth (fl 1970-1990), architect and photographer: photographic prints and negatives of buildings and people, West Yorkshire c1970-1999 (BOT)
  • Donald Crossley (1918-2008), artist: papers, mss, drawings, photographs and maps 1918-2008 (CRS)
  • Marion Rhodes (1907 - 1998), artist: papers and drawings 20th cent (MRH)
  • Kirklees Image Archive: photographic slides and negatives, photographs of West Yorkshire 19th-20th cent (KIA)

Liverpool John Moores University

  • Liverpool Biennial: additional records 2002-2012

London University: School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS)

  • James Sibree (1836-1929), architect, missionary and naturalist: paintings on fabric by Malagasy artists, incl James Rainimaharosoa thought to have been used by James Sibree, as teaching aids rel to work in Madagascar c1860-1899 (MS 381237)

Manchester University: University of Manchester Library

  • Robert Percy Kelly (1920-1994), artist: letters to Norman Nicholson, with one of Rosemary Joyce, and illustrated envelopes c1971-1987 (PKL)

Oxford University: St Antony's College: Middle East Centre Archive

  • Naji Salim Al-Ali (1938-1987), cartoonist: additional cartoons c1970-1989 (0599)

Sheffield University: National Fairground Archive and Circus Archive

  • Alfred Grey (1904-1999), photographer: photographs created in novelty studio and related ephemera 1950-1971 (NFA0093)
  • David Harris (fl 1960-1990), photographer: photographs rel to circus performances 1960-1990 (NFA0129)
  • Tim Holmes (fl 1979-1999), fairground enthusiast: photographs rel to fairgrounds 1979-1999 (NFA0126)
  • Percy Jackson (fl 1900-1970), fairground enthusiast: photographs rel to fairgrounds c1900-1979 (NFA0127)
  • Ron Lee (fl 1960-2000), fairground enthusiast: photographs rel to fairgrounds c1960-2000 (NFA0128)
  • Jack Leeson (1917-1995), fairground enthusiast: photographs and negatives, notebooks, scrapbooks and related ephermera, corresp 1949-1992 (NFA0019)
  • Ron Newbold (fl 1960-1979), fairground enthusiast: photographs rel to fairgrounds c1960-1979 (NFA0051)
  • Dave Skidmore (1960-1990), photographer: photographs rel to fairgrounds 1975-1985 (NFA0099)
  • Jack Stevens (fl 1970-2006), fairground enthusiast: photographs rel to fairgrounds 1970-2006 (NFA103)

University for the Creative Arts

  • Stour Valley Arts, public arts organisation, Ashford and area: records rel to the commissioning of exhibitions, incl photographs, objects, and documentation of artists' work, visitors' books, publicity, educational material, funding bids, business plans, minutes 1993-2015 (SVA)

University of Bristol: Theatre Collection

  • Hull Time Based Arts: negative strip sheets of festivals 1998-2001 (2015/001)

University of Exeter Library (Special Collections)

  • John Moat (1936-2014), writer and artist: project and committee papers, papers rel to Arvon Foundation 1970-2008 (MS 230, MS410)

University of the Arts London: University Archives and Special Collections

  • Bess Frimodig (b 1964), artist, teacher and independent researcher: printed ephemera rel to research, primarily promotional material and samplers from paper companies that utilise photography, graphic art and illustration c1987-2000 (ASCC-2015-02)